Chapter 28 ~ Moving In

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Chapter 28 ~ Moving In

( A/N at the end please read :3 Here's a long chapter! Enjoy!)

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. I sat up yawning and looked around. I rubbed my eyes and felt the bed move. I flinched slightly but then realized Aiden was sleeping next to me. My heart started to beat faster. This wasn't the first time we slept in the same bed, but it felt like it.

How long did it have to take until my memories returned? I continuously asked myself this question. The more I tried to remember, the farther my memories seemed to get. 

" You're awake?" Aiden groggily asked me as he layed his head in my lap. He seemed like a little kid snuggling into my leg. I giggled," Yeah. What time is it?" I asked myself looking over at his gray analog clock. My eyes widened," Aiden it's almost noon!" I yelled and he winced. " Babe, I love you, but shut up." He said playfully and covered his head with the blanket. I stared at him and then removed my leg making his head land on the bed. He made an oomph sound. " No, seriously, get up!" I told him shaking him. He only rolled over away from me. I sighed giving up. Now I know how Lucy felt when she tried waking me up.

I checked my phone and noticed I had three missed calls from my dad and two from my brother. I sighed," Great. Now I'll have to explain myself." I quietly spoke to myself and unlocked my phone to see who the other missed calls were from. My eyes widened, " I'm so dead!" I nearly yelled as I noticed I had over ten missed calls from my mom. I could deal with an angry dad but not with an angry mom.

I ran over to Aiden and gave him a light kiss on the forehead. " If I don't leave now then I'm dead. My parents are worried. I'll call you later, okay?" I told Aiden and he only nodded acknowledging me.

Faster then lighting I was out the door and bursting through my pack house door. " Sorry, why so many missed calls?" I asked everyone as I entered the living room noticing my father and mother sitting on one couch and my brother and Chloe on the other. My mother got up and crossed her arms," Jade, where were you?" she asked me. I frowned," I was at Aiden's. I spent the night. You guys should have known. You were there." I told them confused. " Did you forget what today is?" My father stood up next to my mother. I frowned not knowing what they were talking about. " Jade, how could you?! How could you forget your own brother's birthday?!" Chloe gasped and made a whole dramatic scene. My eyes widened," Sorry, big bro! It's just so much has been going on and I completely forgot what day or month it was. I can't believe you're already 19 and that its May 9th! Happy Birthday Jake!" I said running over and hugging him. " It's fine. I can't blame you. You have been in a coma and you have amnesia. Thanks sis." He returned the hug. It was nice to finally feel as if my family was on my side. I spoke too soon.

" Jade, before we get to today's preparations I need you to apologize to Chloe for your behavior yesterday." my mother said motioning towards Chloe. " What? Seriously?! I apologized yesterday but she didn't accept it. It's not my fault she doesn't know where to place her big man feet." I replied. Chloe scoffed and my mother scowled along with my father. " Jade, I don't know what got in to you, but I don't like it. You better start being nice and getting along. Chloe is going to move in and start living here. She is your brother's mate after all." My mother said. My heart stopped. That bitch is going to start living here?! In the same house as me?! No I can't accept that. She was there when I was captured. Who knows what she would do to me if I was in the same house as her.

" Mother, I can't live in the same house as her." I stated. My mother sighed," And why not?" She asked me putting her hands on her hips. " I think it's time I moved out." I quietly said. Which was no use because their werewolf hearing picked up on it quickly. " Yeah, you should. It's for the best." My mother replied and my heart stopped again. " Okay, fine then." I replied and ran up to my room. What did Chloe do?! My real parents would have protested or begged for me to stay another day. That bitch is going to pay! I wish I could kill her with my bare hands. But if I did that, my brother would suffer a great pain. I couldn't put him through that.

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