Chapter 1

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I woke up with a major headache. I glanced around my dull room before getting up. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. Its 7:35 am, I got up and headed to my bathroom that was connected to my room.

I took all my clothes off and looked in the mirror. I was 5'2, caramel skin, and had a body of a goddess as my friends would say. I had real good long hair because of the fact my dad was pure Indian. It hanged to the middle of my back.

People constantly told me I was beautiful but I didn't feel like I was. I had a small nose, average size lips, light brown eyes, and deep dimples o each side of my face. A lot of people say I favor Lauren London.

She's so beautiful I feel like I can't even compare. I know your thinking I have a very low self-esteem but I wasn't always like this. I was never conceited but I always thought I was beautiful. Until my mom married Don when I was 12.

He constantly put me down, and made me feel worthless. He's Puerto Rican and was really attractive. Him and my mom Shanica had 3 girls together. Since they were mixed they were all beautiful and made me feel so insecure.

I got out the mirror and turned the shower on. I put my hair in a bun and got in.

After I washed up I got out the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I got back in the mirror and brushed my teeth. I heard a knock at my room door.

"Go away" I screamed and finished brushing my teeth. The knocks stopped, I left the bathroom going back into my room. I went to my dresser, took my towel off and put on a black lace love pink thong and a black laced bra that matched.

I let my hair out the bun and my hair fell down my back as I walked to my closet.  I stood and looked through the little clothes I had to see what I was going to wear.

The sound of someone clearing their throat startled me as I turned around. My step dad Don was sitting on my bed. When the fuck did he get in here I thought to myself.

"Oh my god please get out" I yelled trying to cover myself. He chuckled and got up walking towards me. I stepped back until I bumped the wall behind me. He walked closer and took his shirt off.

My mind raced, what the fuck was he about to do. I tried to run but he grabbed me by my hair and threw me on my bed. He pinned my arms on top of my head and kissed my neck.

"Mom" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He chucked maliciously, "She's not here".

I spat in his face causing him to let my arms go and wipe the spit off his face. I took that time to try to run again. But he grabbed my arm with force and back handed me. I instantly fell to the floor and grabbed my cheek as tears streamed down my face.

He picked me up and sat me on my dresser. He held my waist firmly so I couldn't go nowhere. He slammed his lips into mine trying to part them with his tongue.

This was my first kiss and I didn't like it at all. I tried pushing him away but he squeezed my waist tighter. He let go of the kiss and rubbed my thighs "dejar de llorar niña y relajarse" he whispered in my ear.

I didn't know much Spanish but I knew he said stop crying and relax .. I think. His hand went inside my panties and he gently rubbed my naked kitty.

I was still a virgin at 17 and I damn sure didn't want to lose it to him. I yelled to the top of my lungs he covered my mouth as he was about to put a finger inside of me.

I looked over and quickly got the lamp off of the dresser and hit him in the head before he got to do anything. He stumbled grabbing his head. I quickly hoped off the dresser and ran out my bedroom still in my bra and panties.

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