Chapter 1: The Only Girl in the Class

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"So Friday. What do you say? I'll pick you up around--"

"No Yongguk, I'm busy on Friday," I said without even looking up from my textbook.

"On Saturday then." Yongguk insisted.

"I can't. Saturday's the day I do my homework," I lied. Of course I don't spend my entire Saturday doing homework.

Yongguk closed my book and forced me to look up at him, "When will you just give in and agree to go out with me?" He wore that annoying smirk on his face.

"Never. I'm not interested in going out with you." I picked up my things and moved to a desk far away from that brat.

The thing I hate about this high school is that it's predominantly male. This was the closest school to my house and less than 8% of the students here are girls. If I wasn't the only girl in this class, Yongguk probably wouldn't even bother annoying me, but since he's a teenage boy with raging hormones, he needed to find someone to displace that on.

"I bet you haven't had your first kiss yet," Yonnguk followed me to my new seat and I was on the verge of ripping his eyes out. "I'd be glad to give it to you."

I gritted my teeth together and finally walked up to the teacher who was reading a newspaper at his desk. "Mr. Shin, Bang Yongguk is harassing me again. I just came here to get an education, and honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now."

Mr. Shin rolled his eyes, "Yongguk, how many times have I told you to leave Jieun alone?"

"I wasn't bothering her, sir." Yongguk pouted and pretended to act innocent.

"He keeps bothering me about going on a date with him. Like please I would never go out with that thing."

Behind me, I heard Yongguk's friends snicker. Zelo, Youngjae, Himchan, and Jongup were no better than their leader. They would just join in on teasing me and say if I didn't want to be Yongguk's girlfriend, I should go out with one of them instead. I turned to face Yongguk and he feigned looking hurt by my comment.

"Yongguk, I'm giving you detention after school. Now, just sit your ass down and go to sleep so I don't have to deal with you." I flashed a thankful smile to Mr. Shin. He would always back me up when Yongguk said something to annoy me. Mr. Shin has 3 daughters who are all grown up and married, so his fatherly instincts makes him feel obligated to protect me from these animals we call "boys."

I don't think I'm ever going to get a boyfriend. I haven't met a single decent guy at this school and if all guys are like this, then I don't need to be in a relationship.

When the bell rang, everyone got up to leave but Yongguk had to stay for his detention. "Baby, wait for me when I get out!" Yongguk exclaimed while reaching his arm out jokingly.

I rolled my eyes, "Shut the hell up Yongguk."

Once I got home, I couldn't wait to be greeted by my loving mother.

"SONG JIEUN! WHAT IS THIS?" Mom screamed almost immediately after I walked through the door.

"Um that's my test from last week..." I said softly. Ugh she's always so nosey and always goes through my things. I have no idea why I didn't just throw that test away.

"This is a terrible grade! I didn't raise you to be stupid." Mom rolled up my test and whacked me on the top of my head.

"That's a 98% I got the best grade in the class." I rubbed my scalp.

"Well why didn't you make it 100%??" I almost rolled my eyes, but knew that mom would hit me again if she saw me do that. My mom was one of those "tiger moms"-the crazy helicopter moms who want their kids to be the best at everything and freak out if something isn't perfect.

"Ok I'll do better next time." I forced a smile, so badly trying to refrain myself from screaming, "If you will excuse me mom, I'll be going to my room and start my homework."


At school, I tried thinking of ways to get my mom off my back. One way was if I moved out, then I wouldn't have to deal with her, buuuut I just don't have any money. What else can I do to make her stop freaking out over everything?

"Hey princess, what are you thinking about?" I snapped out of my thoughts and scowled once I saw Yongguk in front of me.

"Did you enjoy your detention with Mr. Shin yesterday," I said back to him.

"I did actually. We were talking about you the whole time."

"Sit down everyone, class has started," Mr. Shin walks in the room and puts down his briefcase, "Yongguk, detention again after school."

"Wait, what??" Yongguk spat out.

"I just saw you talking to Jieun and you know how much she hates you, so detention again." I laughed to myself when I saw the expression on Yongguk's face.

Suddenly, a student came into the class,"E-excuse me, do I have the right class?" he said shyly and handed Mr. Shin a paper.

"Yuup you're in the right class. You're new?" The teacher asked and the student nodded. "You can sit next to Jieun."

The kid looked around, unsure of where the teacher directed him, "She's the only girl in the class," Mr. Shin patted him on the back and he made his way to his seat.

"Hi I'm Daehyun," The boy smiled and gave a slight bow before sitting down. A smile came across my face and I was suddenly intrigued. Never before has a guy my age bowed to me; this was the first time I met someone so polite at this school.

"Hi, I'm Jieun," I reached my hand out and shook his. I noticed Yongguk narrowing his eyes at us and I made sure he was paying attention. He could learn some manners from Daehyun.

Started: May 29, 2015

A/N* this chapter is pretty boring but I just had to establish all the basics first

BTW Who's your bias in BAP? Mine is Yongguk, and Daehyun and Zelo are tied for second <3 haha

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