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Kimberly's POV
-skip to next day-

I woke up and rubbed my eyes went on my phone and checked my phone it was 2:30 in the afternoon and 10 missed calls from my mom oh crap I have to go home I was right next to matt in the floor everyone else was too I got up and it was a mess so I decided to clean up.

-30 minutes later-

I cleaned up everything and I mean everything really fast I fixed my hair and located uber to pick me up. I heard a honk I carefully walked out the door while opening it Matthew said "Kimberly" opening his eyes and rubbing them I went over to him kissed and told him "sorry I have to go" he went back to sleep I laughed quietly and left.
-skip the ride-
I went to my window over the roof and opened it changed my clothes and went downstairs. "KIMBERLY WHERE WERE YOU" my mom said screaming " mom chill, I was at my friends" I said calmly "for the 1 day and night" she says pissed I nodd "doing what" she said crossing her arms "studying for a test" I say I am a really good lier if you didn't know. "Ok go to your room and if you go anywhere again you better tell me" she says "yes mom" I say going upstairs

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