Chapter 13. Fight Me.

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Chapter 13.

So guys for the late update, i had a family member pass away. <3 

Though this isnt edited but enjoy. <3


I groaned at the sudden light that was shining on my face. It was blinding but I didn’t want to get up. Without opening my eyes I turned over to feel Angel. I turned and my hand reached out to find her, though it only hit cold sheets. I quickly opened my eyes and in fact seen no Angel.

What? Where was she? Why is she not here?

I groaned and forced myself out of bed. After all that was the only way I was going to find out anything. I walked down stairs but stopping half way due to loud music I could hear. It was “A Day To Remember- The Price We Pay. I guessed that it was coming from the kitchen so I went straight to the kitchen. To my surprise Angel was cooking, not only cooking but singing. You could only faintly hear her but you could hear her. She sounded beautiful. I watched for a few moments as she danced, sung and made pancakes. It really was a site to see.

“Omg Jeremy” She yelled as her eyes focused finally on me and as her hand went to her chest like she had just had a heart attack.

“What?” I replied putting my hands up. I held back laughter as she eyed me. She was so cute when she was angry.

“You can’t just sneak up on people like that!” She whinged.

“But I didn-”

“No excuses, you scared the shit out of me” She interrupted. Cute and sexy.

“Fine fine” I said as I watched her turn off the music. I smiled and walked around the counter and wrapped my arms around her from behind, pulling her back against my front. I knew I shouldn’t of but I just couldn’t help myself.

“I woke up alone” I said softly.

“I know I’m sorry, I just…” She stuttered.

“You what?” I gently asked.

“I just didn’t know how I would face you, I told you something so important to me and I just I don’t know … I worry too much” She replied quietly.

“Don’t worry, I am proud of you because you told me” I assured her. It really was the truth though.

“I know, so um I thought once we eat this we can head over to Keith’s” She said flipping over a pancake.

“Yes” I signed. “though where’s the old couple?” I teased.

“They are out for the day, Stefa- sorry dad took mum out to do some site seeing” She replied.

“That sounds like a nice idea how about we do that instead today?” I said hoping she would say yes.

“No, we had a promise” She replied much to my dissatisfaction.

“Fine fine well let’s eat and get ready then” I replied kissing her cheek.

“Yes dig in” She laughed.

We ate breakfast laughing and smiling, just talking. I never thought that we would be friends but there we were having breakfast, more than just friends.


I know all girls out there see hot guys, whether their just walking past or a friend of yours. They probably at some point I time wish that they were more than friends or just knew the guy. Well Jeremy is hot, and I still couldn’t seem to get it through my head that I was in fact… well I don’t even know what we are but that doesn’t matter, I just couldn’t believe that we were becoming so close.

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