Mr. Popularity

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Hi guys, some of this is for mature audiences...

You've got to be kidding me! I pout. My brother and his stupid friends are screaming and making noise like a bunch of hooligans.

I walk to the door and angrily scream down the hall, "Gio, SHUT UP! It's two in the morning! " Then I slam the door and climb back into my bed. I try to fall back asleep, but ten minutes later they seem to have gotten louder.

I kick my feet off the side of my bed and stomp angrily towards the noise. Bang bang bang!!! The sound of my fist on Gios door is even more annoying then the ruckus coming from behind it.

When the door opens, without thinking I shove my fist into the gut of who I expected to be my brother. "What that fuck was that for?" an extremely sexy voice groans, but I cannot see who exactly I attacked.

"uhh sorry" I say slightly embarrassed, I thought it was Gio. "I was expecting my brother" I said apologetically. It is really dark in the hallway so I can't see this guy's face, but if his voice is any indicator; he's HOT!

All my brother's friends are HOT, but the majority of them are total bastards. Not in the literal, child without a father sense, but in the ignorant jerk sense.

My brother Gio, is Mr. Popular. He takes after my player of a father, who left my mom for some blonde bimbo who ended up leaving him in the end. Both my brother and my dad are complete womanizers. It's in their nature, and all my brother's friends are the same.

All except, Liam. Liam is my favorite. He is nothing like the rest of his friends except for the fact that he is hot as hell. Gio, Louis, Harry, Liam amd Niall have been best friends since I can rember. Niall is really sweet too, but he isn't around as much so I don't really see him.

All of them, are big players. They can have any girl in our school. My brother alone, has gone through half of them already. None of them have ever been turned down before, we'll asides from their feeble attempts to get into my pants.

I am the only girl in my school to ever turn down both Harry and Louis. oddly enough, it just makes them want me more, but it's not gonna happen!

Before highschool I was Gios kid sister. Now I am the prude, the virgin. Harry and Louis actually have a bet to see who can get into my pants first. Both of them are going to lose.

"well jeez, you could've just asked, I would've got him for ya. You didn't have to punch me." the mystery man with the sexy voice joked. "Just turn the volume down please." I ask ignoring his comment. "sure thing slugger! " he jokes, I turn on my heel and swiftly make my way back to my room.

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