Kinda Cool

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(Y/n) POV
-Twenty Minutes Later-

I was taking in a few of my bags when I heard a familiar voice. "(Y/n)!" I looked to see an orange haired boy a few inches smaller than me and Im 5'4. He was wearing a tan shirt brown jeans and green shoes. And his eyes sparkled a pretty greenish color. "Darwin!" I smiled as I dropped my bags and ran up to meet him.
Being like a dog I was a bit more excitable... I took his hands and spun him around causing him to blush a bit. I giggled a bit as I stopped. "Sorry Darwin. Got a little to happy...." I blushed embarrassed. He began to laugh a bit smiling. "Hey (y/n) I brought my brother along to help." Darwin said smiling. I cocked my head to the side a bit. "Gumball dont be shy! Come out and meet her." Darwin said as he pulled out a blue haired boy from behind my truck. "Im not shy! Im just a bit of a coward! She's a wolf, Im a cat!" He yelled. He was my height as by I could tell. And yup he was a cat. His blue ears were adorable and his tail swissed back and forth. "Gosh I dont chase cats. Besides I find kitty cats adorable with their meows and ears. And one of my bffs was a cat." I said smiling. Gumball looked up at me and smiled a bit. "Well o-ok then." He said standing up. Yup my height. At the time he was wearing a brown long sleeve shirt with faded jeans. He also had on regular old black sneakers. He seemed pretty cool. "Thanks for helping me move in guys. Just grab some bags and bring them in. Some have a heart on them and those are mine. My room is up stairs down the hall and the last door." I said grabbing a few bags and walking inside. Darwin grabbed a few bags and ran to catch up with me. "So you like him?" He asked me. I nodded. "He seems kinda cool." I said smiling.

Gumball's pov
Darwin has been talking with this girl for almost a whole year. I still cant believe she moved here. She seems very nice and...... cute. Maybe if this thing with Penny doesnt work out.... I smiled grabbing a few bags and heading in her house

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