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There's some odd terms and gadgets that show up in this story, thanks to my crazy imagination. Although I try and include them at the end of the chapters, I'll collect them here in one place for everyone's ease. I'll be adding to this as we go along. Also, thanks goes to RoseMarry for this idea!

DSS Unit: A fancy storage unit that distorts space around objects, kind of putting them ... somewhere else. As I said, reality is stretched. Of course, there are limitations to this. Cheaper units are not much more useful than a small purse or wallet. The extremely high-end units can hold up to a small car, but these are rare, insanely expensive, and of course hoarded by the government-funded military secret research labs.

Greatsword: Refers to a specific weapon used by swordsmen. It's important to note that this is a 'tanky' kind of weapon, being used to shield as much as it is to cleave things in two. Because of this, the blade is wider than normal and heavy enough that only the enhanced and/or strongest swordsmen tend to wield it.

Artilleryman: People who like to launch all kinds of explosive things at distant targets. Their weapon of choice is a Launcher, which can vary in shape, size and functionality. The majority of Artillerymen are mobile, using smaller handheld launchers, allowing them to strike and move quickly across the battlefield. This, along with the massive range of explosive munitions they carry makes them an extremely adaptable, dangerous opponent. Some artilleryman, notably those employed by the military, prefer a more stationary mode of operations. These are responsible for the kind of bomb strikes that wipe out entire cities.

Freelancer: Swords for hire, so to speak. Mercenaries!

Freeman: refers to a growing group of people who are unsatisfied with the way current governments run the world. They are resorting to more and more terrorist attacks to make themselves heard. In some areas, the threat they pose is growing to frightening levels. They call themselves freemen, as they bow down to no rules or laws but their own.

Bladesman: Agile fighters focusing on agility and precision. Most of them dual wield daggers or smaller swords. Their great speed and mobility makes them a tough opponent for swordsmen.

Aerialist:  A rare breed of fighters. These seem to spend more of their time in the air than on the ground, being excellent acrobats. They have no problem scaling obstacles that would give most people pause.  They make excellent infiltrators, as they excel in getting in and out of places unseen.  They are not strong offensively.

MRU : Military Response Unit. A special military unit led by  a ranking officer that deals specifically with special cases that are outside the law's capability. Usually they are the ones to deal with any freeman threat. Each unit generally has an artilleryman, a swordsman and a bladesman, and a support man, usually a marksman or aerialist.

The Order:  The organization that controls the majority of the world's resources. While at one time it was originally a group of business-savvy people, it gradually expanded from one country to another until it was in a position of absolute power. It is now more of a united government run by powerful people in much of the world's countries. It has its own military, as well as the MRU in order to keep law and order within its countries. At one time, it even had the Slayers, a group who has long since disbanded due to the public outcry against their existence. The Order has suppressed the Freeman uprisings in the past, and it could be said that the two factions are polar opposites of the other.

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