When i fell onto the kitchen floor, i realised something, i was in fact in love with Gabbi. I also felt like i was giving up on her. my world already felt blank even though Gabbi only left for hours.

i was going to miss her at work , her at home and on top of that her in my life. i didn't want to give up i was not going to give up, i wanted Gabbi and i would have her.

The tough of not having in my life is painful.

The though of not having Gabbi in my life was like a bad joke.

The though of not having Gabbi in my life is like living with no air to breathe.

Impossible, unreal and more painful than words could say or even describe.

i was going to get Gabbi back. how? i didn't know but one thing was sure it was not impossible. i was going to get Gabbi back and tell  her how i felt about her. gabbi was my drug, Gabbi was my Love she was my forever.

i felt stupid i mean in a way i always knew she loved me but i never had the gut to tell or show her how i felt.


'' hey '' i heard from Nate.

'' hi Nate its Matt'' i replied

'' oh, sup how you doing buddy/'' asked Nate.

'' bad, really bad'' i replied thinking of Gabbi once more.

'' what can i help you with buddy?'' nate asked again sounding worried.

'' i need your help man'' i stated.

'' OK man ask away'' Nate said back.

'' there this girl that i need help with finding'' i replied back.

'' ooh man is she hot?'' Nate asked trying to lighten the mood.

'' Nate i swear I'm not kidding'' i replied to him getting annoyed.

'' OK my bad now im going to need some things''  Nate replied back in a business voice.

'' ok what do you need'' i asked him

After Nate asked me all the things he needed to know. he told me to count on him and that he was going to do everything in his power to help me find her.

i decided to go take a shower real quick.  my shower had a kind of app to it that you could listen to songs while taking a bath or showering, what can i say i loved music and it helps me relax. i was listening to one of my FAVORITE song usher there goes my BAby. i loved that song.

after showering for thirty minutes i came out of the shower to find out that i had 3 miss calls from Nate..

    i called him back and he game the best news ever

                   '' GUESS WHAT BUDDY I FOUND HER''


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