So Not Cliche 4

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As he promised, Yukine was standing outside your yard gate, his bike next to him

"I didn't know you had a bike." You tell him. Oh my goodness. Am i going to sit behind him with my arms around his waist? You squeal on the inside.

"Oh I didn't bring yesterday. So let's go?" You nod with a small smile. All of a sudden he pushes the bike to you. "Can you pedal? My legs are tired." Of course it isn't like the movies.

"U-uh sure." You reply in monotone. You hop on the seat while he sits on the luggage rack. "Let's go." The whole way there, you were squinting in annoyance.

Panting, you got off the bike and parked it with the other bikes. Yukine locks it up and gives you a thumbs up. "Good work!" Insert sparkle. You just glare at him and begin to walk away.

"I'll pedal after school for sure!" He comments, his hands behind his head. You both change your shoes and walk to your classroom. You then realize that Yukine was going to the same class as you.

"Wait, you're in my class?" you ask, shocked.

Yukine blushes. "I've been in your class since first year." you blush as well and scratch your head.

"Erm, sorry for not knowing. I'm not really a friend maker. People find me cold." You say with a frown.

"I don't find you cold. From what I've seen, you just like to be alone!" He tells you before you could see the shock on his face. "I mean, it's not like I stalked you or anything! Hah hahaha what a funny thing to say [Y/N]!"

"I didn't say anything." You tell him, trying not to laugh at him.

"I- Oh it seems like I'm being called! B-bye!" He dashes off into the room and talks to some black haired boy. Could it be that Yukine was observing you? What a weird thing to do. You wonder what else he has noticed about you.

It was lunch now and you were sitting down under your regular tree when two of you classmates come up to you.

"[L/N]-chan! Can we sit with you?" One of the girls, Hiyori, asks.

"Of course." You nod politely and the two girls sit across from you.

"So we were wondering something." The other girl, Mayu, says. "What's going on between you and Fukui-san? [Yukine's last name, given to him by me.] We saw you riding the bike together this morning~!" She basically squeals.

You deadpan. "Did you see who was pedaling?" Gloom covers the background and Hiyori gives an understanding smile.

"Well yeah, but he trusted you enough to pedal! Right Mayu?" You could tell that they were trying to cheer you up and you were thankful.

"[Y/N]!" You see Yukine walking over to where you three are, waving.

"First names already? You are so lucky!" Mayu smiles. "Wave back!" They urge you on and you give a dead flap of your hand.

"[Y/N], what was that? A dying whale?" Yukine laughs and sits down next to you.

"I was trying to wave, dummy." You huff.

"Try harder next time, then." He tells you before taking notice of the other two. "And you guys are?"

"I'm Iki Hiyori. Pleased to meet you."

"I'm Tanaka Mayu! We are in your class but we've never talked." She gives him a closed-eye smile. You observe Mayu first. She has black hair that was cut short, sharp grey eyes, and a barrette in her hair. Next is Hiyori. Her long dark brown hair is worn straight, her pink eyes are always looking at you, and it seems as she may be anemic. You've never really talked to them, but you were glad that maybe these could become your new friends.


"See! I told you I would pedal this time!" You hear Yukine's voice slightly, the wind in your ears the dominant sound.

"Yukine! You're going too fast!" You shriek, trying to hold onto your backpack but also make sure that your clothes stay put.

"Hold on! This is the best part!" He tells you right before letting go of the pedals and letting the steep hill take you down.

"KYYAAAAAAHHHHHH!" You shriek, holding tightly to Yukine's back. When you got back to your house, your hair was standing up and you looked VERY displeased.

"I think I'm going to walk to school from now on." You mumble to him before wobbling to your front door.

"Hey! Since it's Friday tomorrow, do you want to do anything after school?" He asks you as you flatten your hair down.

"Sure." You give him a little smile.

"Sweet. Well see you tomorrow!" You repeat the goodbye and go inside before cursing yourself.

What does Yukine have planned?


Okay so, I feel as if Yukine is super OOC. Does anyone have any tips or something? I can't make him harsh because he's past that, and he isn't mean to anyone except Yato (but that's their relationship.) So I don't really know how to write him I suppose. ;-; I'm not explaining this very well. cx

Just tell me what you think of Yukine! And if I need to tweak him a little, give me tips!

ohoh to clear stuff up, I'm going to give everyone last names who don't have any. I forgot to add that in the other chapters -facepalm-


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