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I was in the hallways of my high school. There are so much rumors of Lucas and my friend are messing around behind my back. I confronted him about it multiple times. But he said " Why are you listening to rumors " . But I know these rumors are true. I seen him and my friend walking to class hand in hand. I wasnt going to come today, but I did. So Lucas didnt know that I was here. I was sitting in the window ledge when me & Lucas friend Angelo came down and seen me.

Lo - You aight Yn ?

Me - *Face Palm & Sighs* No...

Lo - Whats wrong? Who did it ?

Me - Lucas..

Lo - Ima go get him. Yall gonna fix this issue.

Me - No Lo. Just leave it as it is. Im just going to break up with him.

Lo - No yall gonna fix yall problems.


I walked into the class to get Lucas. And he was sitting next to this girl. I walked up to him.

Me - Ya girlfr-

Then I cut myself off. Yn deserves better then him. She cant even leave him by himself for a couple hours with out him trying to talk to another girl.

Lucas - What you say bro?

Me - *shaking my head and returns to Yn*

Yn - What happened?

Me - You don't need him okay?

Yn - So what was all of this 'yall need to fix the issue' talk

Then Lucas came into the hallway and seen us talking.

Lucas - what is this *Stepping in between the both of us*

Yn - What is what ?

Lucas - you out here talking to him like you dont have a man of your own.

Me - And you in there all under that my friend Tasha like you dont have a girl of your own out here.

I looked at Yn who's eyes started to water. She pushed pass the both of us and went to the girls bathroom and Lucas followed behind her. I just shook my head and went to class..

Later that night. (9:00PM)

I texted Yn to see of she was okay..

Me - Yn ?

Yn - Sup

Me - You okay ?

Yn - No but ill be fine.

Me - Parents home?

Yn - No they are out of town for a funeral why ?

Me - Im omw

Yn - Umm okay.


I was in my room crying because Lucas did admit that him and Tasha were messing around behind my back.
I quickly cleaned myself up and awaited for him to knock of the door. I sat watching family guy until he came. At about 9:45 he was here and I let him in. And he hugged me tight.

Lo - You holding up alright.

Me - No , I just broke up with him... *tears form*

Lo - No Yn dont cry *pulls you into a hug lifting you up*

He carried me up to my room and layed me onna bed. While I cried in his arms

Lo - Stop all this crying okay. And just forget about that nigga. He's clearly dumb as fuck for loosing a diamond over a rock. . . Look im not the type to sit here and preach I just want you to stop all of this crying. Ok ? *Lifting my head up wiping my tears away*

Below a whisper I replied with an "Okay"

Lo - Ok, ima go

Me - No. You just got here

I said looking at the clock and it was 10:03

Me - Can you just stay here, I dont want to be alone.

Lo - Ok.

He got out of his clothes but left the basketball shorts he had on, on. And I just put on a big T-shirt on.

I turned the tv on because I can't sleep without it on. And I watched it until I fell asleep.. I took my T-Shirt off in the middle of the night because it was hot and the air conditioning wasnt helping, leaving me in my bra and panties. Shiid aint no shame in my game. I woke up because it got too cold. So I started moving around. And woke up Lo.

Lo - Damn Yn, yoi move too much
*in a sleepy voice*

Me - Well im cold and the blanket is under you.

Then he pulled me on top of him (the position they're in , in the media) and threw the blanket on top of us.

I was comfortable like this. And I was comfortable around Lo

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