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chapter 1, the long car ride

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Y/N's pov

I was playing crossy roads on my phone as LJ drove on. Masky and hoodie were having a discussion about cheesecake in the back seats. EJ was asleep leaning against the window. Ben and Jeff were silent. Ben was playing with my hair and attempting to braid it. every once and a while taking a playful nibble at my ear. "GOD DAMMIT BEN YOU MADE ME JUMP IN THE RIVER!!!!" I complained. LJ laughed. "only about 2 hours to go til we get there..." LJ tried to make the car ride better. it had already been an hour and a half, because we got lost twice. "im sorry, you know I could easily hack that game for you and-" "NOPE!!!! I wanna beat it myself..." "alright fine...but you'll NEEEEVER be as good at video games as me..." I turned around and looked him in the eyes. A playful smirk making its way onto his tanish pink colored lips. "Wanna beat me at my own games don't you?..." He asked. I glared. "Well im the boss so technically I have authority over you so PIPE DOWN!!!!" Jeff laughed, that was the first time he had somewhat spoken the whole ride. "Why so quiet?..." I decided to ask Jeff. "We passed my house....my old one..." He looked at the floor of the truck. "I saw the swing set me and Liu used to play on..." He was saying it so monotone, so know one else would notice he was holding back tears. But I knew. I put my hand on his shoulder. "We're going to pass my house too..." "What was it like? before you came to live with us..." I sighed. "My mother would always be on her computer doing work, and when she wasn't she was a bitch.....but it was only because she was the one in charge of cleaning up the house all the time and all that.....but when she wasn't upset she was a great mom.....then ben killed her a-" "BEN WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU KILL HER MOTHER!?!?!?!?!" LJ asked all of a sudden. "IT WAS BEFORE I LIKED HER!!!! AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHO SHE WAS AND CRAP SO YA KNOW....STAB STAB DIE!!?!?!?!?" "Stop arguing its ok..."I said. "The past is the past....my mother is dead.....and so is my father...and merideth....and basically everyone I love..." I sighed. "Oh wow tough nuts ben she doesn't love you..." "WHY YOU LITTLE-" they started arguing. Suddenly masky and hoodie got in the fight. "QUIET DOWN YOU FOOLS!!!" LJ tried to calm himself. He pulled the car over and plugged his ears. "All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel the monkey thought twas all in fun pop goes the weasel...all around the mu-..." He sang the rhyme over and over again until the truck went silent. He sang it one more time then took a breath. "Ok I think I am able to drive now....CAN YOU NOT FUCKING FIGHT ANYMORE!?!?!?!?!?!?" "ok fine..." Jeff huffed. I continued to play crossy roads as LJ pulled back onto route 199. "Anyways, do you have any other family besides your parents? or any other friends?" "Well I had one other friend besides Toby and Merideth.....His name was Floyd, but I just called him fluff." I giggled a little remembering him. "He's probably at school now, he probably forgot all about me..." I sighed then looked out the window. "Merideth is dead..." I repeated to myself. "And she never even found out I wasn't in love with LJ, she died while being mad at me..." "WOAH WOAH WOAH HOLD UP...." Masky interrupted. "Merideth thought you and LJ were in love?!?!?! THATS WHY SHE BETRAY US?!?!?!" "You catch on slow kid..." LJ said. "I liked her sure but once I found out she would be willing to turn on her friend that quick, I was done with her..." "Yeah, and I like those rainbows ya got goin on there jack..." Hoodie plucked a feather from LJ's outfit. "Different..." "Yeah its Y/N's fault..." "how?" "Idk she just makes my colors come back..." "Watch it clown town..." Ben hit the back of LJ's head then put his arms around me. "MINE...." He hissed. By then I was used to this type of arguing so I just continued to play. "She's like a sister to me, hurt her I kill you elfy welfy..." LJ teased. "ELFY WELFY I AM NO-" "LJ I thought you just said no more arguing..." Jeff said with his ears plugged. "I know but that was funny..." He laughed his clown laugh. "So ben what about your dad? None of us ever heard about your family..." Hoodie asked. Ben froze, bit his lip, then sulked in his seat. "Yeah that's true, none of us ever did find out about your family, I mean, I know you drowned but, I never found out how..." Masky turned to ben. Ben stuttered a little then just looked down. "How?" "Yeah ben how?" "I-" "MY DAD FUCKING DROWNED ME ALRIGHT!??!?!?!?!! HE FUCKING DROWNED ME...." He threw his head in his hands and began to cry. "JEFF!?!?!? DO U WANT SHOTGUN?!?!?!?! TAKE IT!??!?!?! LJ PULL THIS DAMN TRUCK OVER...." LJ nodded then pulled the truck over and me and Jeff switched places. "screw seatbelts..." I hugged ben and held him in my arms. "baby..." Masky mumbled. I stuck my tongue out at him. "Im not a baby..." Ben whimpered. "Shhhh your not.....masky's a baby, he's to scared to take his mask off cuz he's such a baby..." "HEY!!!! im not scared..." Ben chuckled a little and buried his face in my shoulder. "I love you..." He whispered. I kissed the top of his head. "I love you too..." I still had the ring on my finger. The engagement ring. Me and ben had a long discussion and decided that we would be engaged, but we were holding off the marriage until we thought the time was right. I loved him. With every ounce of effort I loved him. I couldn't help myself. His deep blood red eyes....his smooth pale skin, his fuzzy blonde hair that I loved to mess with. And his smile, I couldn't ignore his adorable smile. Masky continued muttering as he crossed his arms. Hoodie laughed. "retard..." "I AM NO-" hoodie shoved masky then they both laughed. I got this sense that hoodie liked masky. I've had it ever since the incident.  But now I started to think not....I was pretty sure who hoodie had a crush on and I was also pretty sure he was going to show it from time to time. I knew It wasn't masky. Im pretty sure he was high that day. "We are almost there guys, hang on...couple hours..." Ben looked up from my shoulder and kissed my nose. "CAN YOU PLEASE NOT FUKING MAKE OUT IN FRONT OF ME!?!??!!" Jeff asked. "I wasn't even making out with her, hoodie was I making out with her?!???!?!?!" "No..." "You know what I fucking mean..." Jeff mumbled. Ben rolled his eyes then lightly kissed me on the lips. "sorry..." He whispered, then he curled up in my arms. I kissed his forehead and secretly started to play crossy road over his shoulder. "Am I ever going to get you off that game?" He asked mumbling. "Nope..." I licked his ear and he giggled in the elfish way he always does. Jeff started surfing through radio stations and EJ slowly started to wake up. I could tell this car ride was going to be a lot longer than I thought...

hey guys!!! welcome to book two!!! I have a lot planned for book two and  hope you like the beginning!!! im just going to tell you that there's going to be some stuff about LJ's driving skills next chapter.... :P ....I hope you enjoy book two and I hope you comment and vote just as much as you did with the first book!!!! I love you guys and thank you so much for reading and getting me 19.9 K reads on book one. You all are amazing. See you next update!!!! :)

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