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"Sabrina!" My dad calls me down stairs, probably to tell me about his new car or something.

"What?" I yell back, halfway down the stairs already.

"I found you a job," he smiles.

"I told you I didn't need your help," I clench my teeth. I never actually planned on getting a job, I just told him I did to stall him.

"I know your plan, so I got you a job working for celebrities," he explains,"I know you hate working so I asked my boss about a job at my office doing odd jobs or is he knew about something semi-fun. He said he knew this guy named Dave, I think, and he could get you working as a bodyguard for the people he works for,"

"Dave?!" I almost scream trying not to get excited. That's 5 Seconds of Summer's bodyguard.

"Yeah, why, you know who he is?" He questions me, tilting his head.

"Of course i do, dad!" I actually scream this time,"is the job confirmed?"

"Yes, well as long as you accept it, but seeing you on the floor right now makes me think you like that idea,"

"Dad, do you know what this means?! I, Sabrina Rudd, gets to meet my favorite band,"

"They're your favorite band? Looks like I did a good job for once," my dad says proudly.

"When do I start? Like in 5 minutes? I'm good with that," I look at him bright-eyed.

He laughed,"I think you start tomorrow if I tell him tonight,"

"Holy shit, I need to tell Miranda," I whisper to myself.

I run upstairs and text Miranda.

me - facetime me now like rN IM SCREAMING THIS IS IMPORTANT

miranda - is this one of ur important jokes again


I get a facetime notification from Miranda.

"Holy shit!" I screamed.

"What?!" Miranda says back.

"My dad got me a job working for 5sos on their tour," I squeal.

"What the shit, Sabrina, you're not excited enough,"

"I'm trying to contain the excitement that I get to meet my favorite band, it's 'k,"

"Holy fuck... you better send me pictures and videos of them,"

"I will try, I'm gonna play the im-definitely-not-a-fan bit, probably will end horribly but you know,"

"So, give me details!" Miranda squeals.

"I don't know much yet, after my dad gets off the phone with his boss I'll probably find out,"

"You should get to that, I'll hang up, text me the deats!" Miranda says before she hangs up.


A few minutes later, my dad calls me down stairs.

"Yeah dad?" I say, running down the stairs.

"Okay, I got off the phone with Mr. Fark and he said that you'll be wearing regular clothes with the guys, so the girls don't suspect you as a bodyguard, "so get all modelly and look like one of their girlfriends or something"," my dad says,"the last part was verbatim of Mr. Fark,"

"You're sure Dave won't think I'm a fan?" I question my dad.

"Dave was the one who gave that request," my dad retorts and I leave peacefully. I wouldn't want to screw shit up, especially now.

"You start tomorrow morning, so get packing! You'll be there for a good month and a half at least," he yells at me as I'm halfway up the stairs.

Yes, I am definitely okay spending most of my summer with 5 Seconds of Summer.



was that punny idek.

yes, it is impossible for me to write long chapters smh.

who knows when I'll update next tbh.

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