A New Town

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???? POV
I looked at the window of my dads truck. My (w/c) ((whatever color)) wolf ears were twitching as I was anxious to see this town called Elmore.
I've heard many rumors from my pen pal Darwin. When I told him I was moving to his town he replied with YAY. I cant wait to meet him in person.
He's told me a lot about his life and I've of course told him about me.
I'm a (h/c) haired, (e/c) eyed, wolf hybrid girl. I live with my dad and mom with my little sister, Blaze. My name is (y/n). I'm moving to Elmore on the case of my dad getting a great job here.
I guess Im excited but I really didn't want to move.....

I sighed as I looked over to the seat next to me, where my, 5 year old, sister slept. Blaze was a black haired girl with bright blue eyes. She had adorable little white wolf ears and a small tail to match. I like having Blaze as a sister. For being so young she is actually very smart. I mean not as smart as Darwin says his sister is.
We pull up to a light brown house with a white porch. It had yellow roses planted in the front yard. And a brown roof top looked great with it. I guess this was an OK house. I got out and looked at the mailbox.
It looked like it used to say Davis. Well now the (l/n) live here. I smiled as I grabbed the keys from my dad. "Get the house opened up while I get out some of our bags." He said and I nodded.

I walked up the stairs and unlocked the brown door. I looked inside and smiled. It was a two story house. It had a large living room, a medium sized kitchen, a small dinning area, and a door that lead to the back yard. I ran up stairs excited to see where my room was.
I opened every door. One lead to a bathroom, another a large reddish room kinda fancy, the one next to it was a blue room, and the last one was a white and (f/c). This was my room.
Its was at the end of a small hallway just like my dad said it would be.

"Sweety! Your pen pal Darwin is calling!" I heard my dad call. I ran down and took his cell phone from him. "Whaz up Darwin." I said happily. He laughed lightly. "Someone sounds excited and happy!" He said happily.
"I am. My house is huge! We just got here. Hey if you want you can come over and help us move in." I said smiling. I could hear his gasp. "Oh yes! That would awesome! We could finally meet!" He yelled.
I moved away from the phone. "Keep down the yelling though. Its just about as bad as a dog whistle." I giggled. He laughed along with me. "Sorry. And you already told me where you live so I'll be there soon." He said before hanging up. I closed the phone and put it in my pocket. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

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