Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Destiny" Episode 9, Wedding Bells!

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The big day had arrived. Yuki and Kaname were to get married that very afternoon. Yuki rushed around the mansion frantically looking for various things. "Wheres the boque! Wheres my dress! Have you guys got the ring?" Kaname laughed. "Calm down Yuki, everything is all packed and ready for this afternoon." Kaname walked outside and came back in a few seconds later with a long object covered in a black bag. "Your dress." Yuki looked wide eyed at Kaname. "You didnt look, did you!" Kaname layed the long, black object into Yuki's arms. "I would never do such a thing." Yuki smiled and kissed Kaname on the cheek. "I better call my bridesmaids to come over." Kaname grabbed Yuki's arm and pulled her backwards. "Yuki, its no where near time!" Yuki looked over to the huge clock on the wall infront of her. "9:15, i guess we have a few hours to go, but i'd better get them over here just to be sure." Kaname let go of Yuki and she stumbled up the stairs, trying to balance her dress in her arms. She turned the knob of her door, which had suddenly become a very difficult task, then when she finaly opened it, she layed the dress ever so carefully onto her bed. Ill go ring up Rima, Ruka and Chiyo now... She suddenly remembered what Chiyo had said yesterday, and hesitated to pick up the phone. "The information i now know shouldn't change anything, im just overreacting, as usual." She started dialing numbers. "Hello.." A young girls voice answered the phone. Yuki started to speak. "Hello, do you have a Chiyo there today, She is in the night class." The Yuki heard the young girl put the phone down and waited a few minutes before she returned. "Chiyo here," Yuki hesitated. "Hello? anyone there?" Yuki shook her head and started to speak. "Hello Chiyo, its Yuki, i just wanted to know if you are still going to be my bridesmaid today?" Chiyo gasped. "Oh right! Sure. I wasn't sure if you still wanted me to come, after i told you about ma and Zero..." Yuki faintly laughed. "Of corse i still want you to come, this doesn't change anything!" Yuki wasn't smiling anymore. Lucky telephones dont have cameras, or Chiyo would of know that i was lying. "Wow! Ill go and get my dress and be over there soon! Your a really great friend Yuki!" The phone connection ended with Chiyo hanging up the phone in exitment, or so Yuki thought.

Chiyo walked out of the office to the awaiting Maria. "I have a wedding to attend to, everything is goind to plan." Maria winked at Chiyo and walked off. Chiyo ran to her room and picked up her dress that was lying on the bed. Chiyo apllied some make-up the headed off to Yuki's house. When Chiyo arrived, Ruka and Rima were allready there. Chiyo had to act innocent to the two of them so they nwouldn't suspect her. Chiyo bowed before the two of them. Yuki came down the stairs carrying three flowers. "Oh! Rima, Ruka, this is Chiyo." Chiyo didn't look up. "Nice to meet you." Chiyo grinned evily, then looked back up at the three girls. "Here, you guys are to hold his while walking down the carpet." Yuki gave each girl a flower. "The time! We must hurry!" Yuki ran towards the door holding her dress in her arms once again. She suddenly stopped at the door and crouched over in pain. "Ahh! My head!" Before the girls could move, Kaname was there. "Yuki! Whats wrong!" Ruka and Rima rushed over to Yuki, while Chiyo slowly trailed behind. "Yuki!" Yuki started crying. "My head!" Kaname helped Yuki into the car, with the three girls closely behind. Yuki suddenly looked up. "Its gone." Kaname looked at Yuki. "What happened?" Yuki put a hand on her head. "I dont know? One minute i was rushing around getting every one ready for the wedding, then my head started feeling like it was being pierced with needles." Kaname hugged Yuki. "Do you still want to do the wedding? It seems to be having a big effect on you." Yuki looked to Kaname. "I'll be fine! I would never stop the whole wedding just because my head started to hurt." Kaname wore a worried expression as the limosuine started to drive off, closely followed by two more.

It was almost time, Yuki stood infront of the large mirror gazing at her dress. Suddenly, the headache came back, but worse. Yuki dropped to the floor holding her head. "Aaaaahhh!" She screamed out in agony. "Go away!" Suddenly she heard a voice. "Yuki.." Yuki shook her head. "No! Go away!" The voice kept talking. "Yuki.. YUKI!" Suddenly, Rima stretched her hand out on to Yuki's shoulder. Yuki screamed. "Yuki, What is it?" Rima's voice stayed as it usually was, gloomy. Rima helped Yuki to her feet. "My head, it started to hurt again, but this time..." Rima stared confusingly at Yuki. "Ill go and get Kaname." Yuki grabbed her arm. "No! he'll just worry again, i'll be fine." Yuki put one hand on her head, and the other on the table to steady herself. "Are you sure? You dont look fine?" Yuki smiled at Rima. "Don't worry about me, i'll make sure i'll be fine." Yuki winked at Rima, who turned and walked out. What, was that? Yuki looked back into her mirror and straightened out her dress. "Yuki! Its time!" Chiyo knocked on the door. "Yuki, are you ready?" Yuki opened the door. "Yeah, lets go." Yuki picked up her boque and walked out with Chiyo.

Chiyo, Rima and Ruka started slowly walking. Everyone around them stood silently and smiled. Behind the three girls, was Yuki holding her flowers. Yuki looked to her right and saw many diffrent unusual faces staring at her. That must be kanames side. She then glanced right where more unfamilliar faces stood gazing at her. Then as she came closer to the preist, kaname and his best man, Hanabusa, she saw the headmaster, balling his eyes out. She smiled as he looked up at her, drying his eyes. This was no use to him because he just started to cry as soon as he looked at Yuki in her wedding dress. She eventually reached the front and stood holding Kanames hand. The preist started to speak, but his speech was blurred to her. Yuki looked around the room untill she spotted someone standing at the back that she couldn't quite make out. Her eyes went wide. Is that, him! That vampire! She heard the preist ask her to start her vowles. "Kaname, i.." Yuki fainted before she could say another word. Kaname caught Yuki as she fell into him. Everyone gasped and stood up. The headmaster rushed to Yuki. "My daughter!" Kaname picked the limp Yuki up and rushed her to the car, with two of the three bridesmaids and the headmaster closely following. Chiyo stood back with an impressed expression on face.

(Stay tunned for Episode 10, Second time lucky!)

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