Chapter 48 - Finale

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(Alfie's POV)

We walked for hours just to get to the little camp fire that was on the hill.

"Hello?" I asked as we got there.

"Hello?" I raised my voice.

"I don't think anyone is here." I mentioned to the others.

"You thought wrong! They are attracted to light, there are loads of the biters coming..." Kaci shouted.

"And from all directions! We're trapped." Francesca shouted.

"Shut up! They are attracted to sound as well!" I whispered with an angry tone in my voice.

I ran over to the fire and stamped it out.

"Daddy! I'm scared." Daniel cried.

"Look, its going to be fine I'll protect you okay?" I said.

"Francesca! You got that side! Kaci! Over there!" I demanded.

We began to stab.

"Let us have the guns Alfie!" Kaci shouted.

"They're attracted to sound... The last thing we want is more of them on our case!" I replied.

"Archie here!" I whispered as I chucked him a knife.

"I can't! I have to protect the kids." He shouted.

I made him be quiet and then all of a sudden.

"I've got it!" Connor said whilst bringing the kids to the middle of the four of us.

"What shall I do?" Sinead asked.

"Everyone that's not helping, just get in the middle." 

Bang! I heard.

"You are so selfish!" I shouted at Kaci.

More of them came just as they started to calm down.

"I'm sorry! They were pilling on me!" Kaci shouted.

All of a sudden, a biter took a giant chunk out of Francesca's neck. Closely followed my Archie and Kaci. I gave Sinead, Connor and the kids a gun each and we were all shooting. Even Daniel and David were.

"Ah!" Connor shouted as a biter ripped him open on the side.

I lost protection of the kids to go and see if Connor was okay, Then they were bit too. We were being over-run.

"What now!" Sinead shouted as lightning struck a tree and the rain began.

The lightning seemed to distract the biters, but some were still coming...

"Your mum covered herself in their blood and they didn't realise she was a human, lets do that!" Sinead shouted.

I cut open the body of Connor and smothered his blood on me. I started to feel that it wasn't working, maybe Connor didn't turn yet.

Suddenly, a biter bit me on the face... I knew I was going to die...

Things started to go black and I felt like I was waking up...


I woke up in my bed at home.

"Huh?" I worried.

"What the hell?" I asked myself.

I looked out of the window and I saw the shop. Leighanna waved at me.

Dear Diary,

I just had the weirdest dream...

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