Kidnapped (A Fruits Basket Story)

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I squealed as he came up to me.

"Hello, miss Honda. I'm sorry I'm late...did you wait long?"

He asked worriedly.

"Yuki! Don't apologize I didn't wait long at all!"

He gave me a light smile and we headed home.


{While Yuki and Tohru are walking home. This takes place at the house}

Kyo's P.O.V

I walked into the kitchen and saw Shigure devouring some onigiri while his publisher was begging for him to have the chapter done.

I snuck behind him and hit him in the back of the head and said

"Hey! Save some for me you ass! And where's Tohru?"

Shigure turned around to face me and said,

"On her way home with Yuki. Yuki picked her up. And oww!"

I got slightly mad and muttered under my breath,

"that damn rat."

Shigure looked a little shocked and said,

"Hmmm is Kyo jealous?"

"Am not!" I screamed. I stormed out of the room and headed to the roof...again. I watched as Shigure shooed his publisher out of the house. I chuckled to myself. How does that women put up with him?

I heard a giggling from the distance. Tohru must be home with that damn rat. I slid off the roof and headed inside to my room. I heard Tohru's quiet voice say

"We're home!" That was the last I heard before I drifted to sleep. While I was asleep Tohru cooked dinner. I awoke hearing a soft voice calling my name.

"Kyo?...Kyo?...wake up!"

Tohru's P.O.V

I called Kyo's name constantly. He was so cute when he was sleeping

"Kyo? Dinners ready."

He got up immediately and said,

"I'm starving." He followed me downstairs and we all sat and ate and chatted about our day. Well, me and Shigure did most of the talking. It went by fast and before I knew it I was sitting in my bed brushing my hair almost ready for bed! I heard a knock at my door.

"Come in!" I said. Yuki stepped in and shut the door behind him.

"Miss Honda...." He said before trailing off.

"Yea ,Yuki?" He looked up at me with those purple eyes and said,

"I just wanted to ask you to not work so hard. You've been so busy working and doing so much for us. You must be really tired. Please after tomorrow rest for the weekend."

I smiled and said,

"Yuki, I'm not tired at all! I'm happy doing this! I enjoy it."

He gave me a shy smile and nodded before walking out and murmuring "Goodnight," to me as he shut the door. I wonder what that was about. Oh well better get some sleep! I have my last day of school tomorrow before we have a 2-day vacation!



I got up and got ready. I have a long day today! But I least I get to see Uo and Hana! Me,Yuki,and Kyo walked to school silently. I saw Uo and Hana! I waved and called them over.

"Hi, Tohru! Hey, Carrot top, Hey Prince Yuki." Uo said sharply.

"Hey Yankee," Kyo called

"Hey, wave girl." Hana nodded and looked up.

"Hello, Kyo...Yuki."

Yuki looks really shy. He nodded as in saying greetings. I always knew that Yuki was shy...but not this shy.


*Time Skip*

We basically had a normal always. I walked into the kitchen and said bye to the guys and Kyo offered to pick me up today. I told him he didn't ,but he wouldn't let me say anything he just stormed out of the room. Kyo can be nice sometimes. When he is I know that I've gotten to know him better.

"I'm off to work again!" I said, I smiled and walked out. Momiji said he was busy with a club in school so I walked alone. It was already getting dark out and I passed by a few people walking everything seemed calm. I was walking happily down the street until I felt some one grab me from behind and pull me into a bush. Oh no! What if it's a creepy guy that I was warned about! I turned to see who the person was ,but a cloth went to my mouth. As I inhaled I felt my body go numb and I started fading into darkness.


Kyo's P.O.V

It really is cold today. The cold pricked at my bare arms that weren't covered from my black t-shirt. I walked along the road almost reaching Tohru's job. As I finally made it I realized she wasn't there. I looked around and waited a bit for her. She didn't show up. I walked inside and asked if they had seen her and they said that she never came to work. Panic filled me and I ran back to the house hoping that she would be there. I burst through the door and yelled,

"Is Tohru here?!" Shiguire shook his head. Yuki stood up quickly and said, "Stupid cat! You lost Miss Honda!"

"Shut up you damn rat! This has nothing to do with you! Shigure, can you call everyone and ask them if they've seen Tohru? Including the Yankee and wave girl!" Shigure got right on it ,but 20 minutes later he came back and shook his head. The Yankee and Wave girl burst threw the door. Uo yelled, "You stupid carrot-top! You lost Tohru!"

I can't believe I'm saying this ,but I hope she turns up! I'm....worried?

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