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(picture is the epic Landon)

The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 19 ~ Love

"I love you," Walter said for the hundredth time in the space of an hour. 

He was falling asleep. It had just gone ten.

We lay in one of my crappy sofas, he held me close to his chest. He didn't seem to mind my home, which I was grateful for.

"I love you too," I replied and I really meant it.

Walter hadn't lied when he had told Landon that he wasn't romantic. His speech earlier had proved it. And that was exactly what I loved about him. What he had said about his love for me being at first sight was extremely cute, and I was close to tears even. I needed to let Hayley in on the sudden update.

"Hey Walter?" I asked, nudging him gently awake.

"Huh?" he forced his eyes open. 

I looked up at him loving the smell of him, the feel of his clothes against my cheek. "Are we...you know. Boyfriend, girlfriend?"

Walter smiled at me through his sleepy state. "Of course." 

I smiled back at him, then kissed him softly on the lips. 

One thing that I learnt about Walter within the last few hours was that he wasn't really the gentle type. His kisses were rough, hard and passionate. As if his life depended on them. 

Just the way I liked it. 

Walter kissed me back for a short amount of time before he lay back, wrapping his arms tighter around me. "Sleep," he said.

"I will," I replied, listening to his heartbeat.

But I knew I wouldn't be able too. I was too happy, not quite believing that this was true. Afraid that if I woke up everything would be back to the days when I feared Walter Simpson and every one of his brothers, even the triplets.

I slowly tried to get my phone out of my pocket without disturbing my boyfriend. It took time but eventually I managed to get it out and take a picture of us both curled up in my sofa. Only half of our faces were in it, but it was good enough. And even though Walter was asleep, he still managed to look fricking hot. His black hair was ruffled and his lips were pressed against my hair while he slept. My eyes were bright, and I was smiling widely. It was so cute I sent it to Hayley, as well as telling her not to call me until I said. I didn't want to wake up Walter. After setting it as my background, I snuggled in deeper into Walter's big body resting my eyes for a few seconds. 

A big bang woke me up. Someone was hammering at my front door. I must have fallen asleep. 

"What the..?" Walter mumbled, stirring beneath me. 

"Someone's at the door," I whispered, scared. Who the hell was that? It couldn't be my Dad, he had keys and is he was too drunk to use them he passed out outside. He never banged on the door, he knew I'd never let him in.

"Don't worry," Walter said sounding more awake. I got up off him and he stood up and stretched. 

The thumping had paused for a while, and Walter ran his hands through my hair leaning down to kiss me. He cupped my face and he wouldn't let go of me. 

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