CHAPTER 8 - Setting Out the Rules

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  I pulled back, gasping for air as his lips descended from mine. That was my first kiss - my first jaw droppingly, eye wateringly amazing kiss. Jack's arms were tight around my body, his eyes locked intensely on mine.

  I coughed, a scorching red blush making it's way onto my cheeks as I stepped back waiting for him to say something. "You ready?" He finally asked.

  I nodded my head, knowing that if I was to open my mouth, nothing but squeals of delight would come out. 

  I had awoken this morning bright, early and excited for Jack to come and pick me up. I had expected for him to knock on the door and I didn't want my parents to answer so I was waiting out on the front porch to avoid that. My hood was up since the rain was coming down heavy and my IPod was blasting loudly in my ears.

  Before I could even register in my mind what was happening, the ear plugs were knocked out, my hood was pulled down and Jack's lips were pressing hard against mine. When his tongue had slipped inside my mouth, rough and dominating, I could hardly keep my legs from collapsing beneath me. 

  He had kissed me. He had actually kissed me! Cody would be having a fit right now if he could see this.

  The car journey was pretty silent. I think I would have found it awkward too if it wasn't for the fact that Jack's hand was resting on my thigh, rubbing soothing circles with his thumb on my leg every once in a while. 

  "You still okay with this?" Jack asked me, his voice soft yet somehow condescendingly hard at the same time.

  I blinked a couple of times in shock before staring up at him shyly. "Of course I'm okay with it. I won't change my mind Jack, I won't ever."

  After he had reversed into a space in the breakfast diner's parking lot, he turned in his seat to face me. "Good," he said simply. "Because I don't ever plan on letting you go." And then he kissed me again, gentle and soft.

  I didn't need to be told that I wasn't to get out of the car this time. I sat and waited as he walked around to undo my seat belt and help me out himself. I didn't understand why he liked doing that so much, but I would never argue. Anyway, it felt really good. 

  I was nervous and if I'm honest, scared of finding out what the rules I would be expected to follow were. I had spent all night wondering what they would be. I had even gone online and searched through a few submissive and dominant contracts to get some idea's. I couldn't really focus on them all that well though since my mind was preoccupied with images and even more fantasies involving Jack Prescot.

  The girl who served us seemed really sweet, she kept giggling and winking playfully as she filled our drinks up without charging us, sticking her tongue out at what must of been her boss in the process. I was a little weirded out by her strangeness but couldn't help but to think she was just the most cutest of things. Jack just looked nonplussed, it was as if he literally didn't know how to handle the situation. Whenever she would come over with our food or to fill up our drinks, he would almost slink down in his seat as if he couldn't stand the close proximity. I was determined to find out why he didn't get close to people. I would work it out some day.

  "So, rules Jeremy."

  My heart stuttered for a second before calming again as I looked up from my plate.  "O...Okay."

  He smiled, taking my hand over the table and calming me instantly. "The first one is relatively simple. I would like to be addressed as Sir. As much as I enjoyed hearing you call me Master yesterday, I believe that I need to earn that title first." His hand tightened on mine as a shaky breath left my lips. "Can you do that for me Jeremy?" 

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