Hey, You!

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Dear fellow fangirls and my readers,

This was just a work of art and compiled words that made a sentence and then to a paragraph completely dedicated to the two guys in my list that I first ever fangirled on. It was ten years ago! I was six and I'm completely in love with an animated person which in my language and inner mind and heart they're real. They are mostly the reason I'm a fujoshi, fangirl, and at the anime universe right now. I know, I know. I have Schediaphilia, and I sure hope that you don't mind. Kaede Rukawa and Akira Sendoh are those guys. I know, a wee bit cheesy but I have a lot to thank for these guys and their creator, Takehiko Inoue.

Their names and the series are the complete foundation of my childhood, along with other anime series that I used to watch on T.V. Those were the days.......quite nostalgic, actually.

I don't own the characters! And I hope you enjoy it. This story frequently use flashbacks, or the story mode of juxtaposition. We'll travel back to the past and into the present. Hmmm...... Maybe the future too. Haha!

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