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To new readers or those who didn't get to finish reading before — 5:48 was first written and completed around 3 years ago, when I was 16 years old. I recently decided to take it down in order to re-write it. This will be the product of the re-write. Despite not having the chance to see the old version, I still hope that this version can sufficiently welcome you home. This will probably be not what you expect to read when you clicked on this story, or this might exactly hit the spot, but either way I hope you enjoy.

To old readers or those who've finished reading 5:48 once, twice, thrice — 5:48 only exists because of you. This re-write only exists because of you. There will be some significant changes, both plot and character-wise, but rest assured you'll still have most of the things you loved. There will be some new chapters, as well, so don't be too surprised. Scrutinise the tags to this story really well, because they spoil a lot of the new changes anyway. I just ask that you always remember to keep an open mind, and should things be progressing the way you don't want it to, then keep the emotions in check — I would never make changes without a purpose. I hope this will not only hold up to you standards, but exceed it ten-fold. Always remember that 5:48 is ready to have you back home.

To both new and old readers — I am doing the re-write because I want 5:48 to be in the best shape it can be. So as you read along, I would more than appreciate any words of wisdom or comments on what parts, quotes, lines, words you loved and what you didn't love so much. All I ask is that they all be done constructively and with respect; i respect you enough to seriously evaluate all your comments, and I think it's fair that you extend me the same courtesy of relaying said comments nicely.

Also, 5:48 is definitely open to your reviews, whether they be through (yes 5:48 is on goodreads), blogs, or even just here on wattpad. Feel free to link me to your reviews. This, of course, holds the same provision that these reviews are done constructively and respectfully. 

As always, this is dedicated to the broken hearts and the lost souls. May life start, love fall, and ends begin for you. May the little things become big things, and may your lovely hearts be satisfied.

Much love,


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