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***one year prior***

"Agent Glass!" My fellow operative, Samantha Penn called out to me. I rolled my eyes at her mock professionalism, turning to face my ginger friend.

"Yes, Agent Penn?" I replied, impersonating our boss' gruff voice and irritated way of speaking. Sam cringed at my imminent failure, before cracking a smile and chuckling lowly at me.

"Did you hear about STAR labs' newest project?" Her green eyes glistened as she talked, seemingly excited about this news.


"Well," she began, pausing for dramatic effect, "they recently announced their production of a particle accelerator, which they plan on publicly turning on in about two weeks time in Central City." By now my eyes were wide, mouth open, and mind reeling.

A particle accelerator? That could create a whole new world of discoveries, inventions, and more!

I looked back at Sam before jumping from my chair and briskly walking to my bosses office, knowing there is no way I won't be there for that night in two weeks, where history will be made.

"Becca!" The call resonated from about 15 feet behind me, the person behind it being none other than my partner-since-forever, Daniel Payton.

I could hear his erratic footsteps easily, making me wonder how exactly we made it through half of our missions together alive. If you didn't know him you would never suspect him being a CIA agent. He isn't the most intelligent, kind of a blabber mouth, and extremely clumsy, added to not being very punctual when it came to, well, anything. He seems to be the exact opposite of a stereotypical agent such as our friend Sam. She was quiet, typically kept to herself, very strategic, and was early for anything and everything.

Me? I was kind of a mix between the two. I was definitely the athlete of the trio, due to bring the fastest out of us and the best at any physical activities-training or not-, I was usually pinpointed the leader of our group. If there was a solo case assigned to our group, I was usually the one to do it, while Sam and Danny stayed back. If it required attacking a criminal, I made the first move. If it was just computer work, I was not always the first done, however.

Technologically, I was slower than Daniel by quite a bit, but his parents were professionals at that sort of thing, so he been around that all his life. Intelligence was a different matter. You show me a crime scene, and I can tell you more details about the culprit than most CSI major investigators. It was a gift.

Samantha was clearly the wisest of all of us. If we needed a plan, she was the one to go to. Wanted instructions on a self defense maneuver? You'd probably go to her. She couldn't always show you, but she would describe what to do so well there is no way you wouldn't get it down simply. Usually she used this to help me with combat, whether in training or if it was through a communications unit in my ear.

We evolved together; into a well oiled machine. We went from unwanted rookies to one of the most successful groups in the nation. At times, we had all gotten offered a better position, whether it was solo or with a higher ranked group, but we stick together.Truth is, besides the two of them, I didn't really have any friends. At least, none that knew my real name and where I work. And I was sure they didn't either.

"Becca!" I heard Danny call again. I stopped my forward movement to turn towards the 27 year old man jogging to catch me.

"Yes, Daniel?" I smiled at his clear struggle, somehow finding his nonexistent athletic ability amusing. There a reason he spent most of his time behind a screen and not in action. It was odd, he seemed to hate physical activity, but he was still recognizably attractive. He had a striking face, blonde hair and hazel eyes. He was also dating our other partner Sam, but nobody in the agency knew that. They couldn't, after all, it could cost them their job.

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