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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1-The Day My Life Changed In That Stupid Forest

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Hey there! This story originally came from my Quizilla account, but due to plagiarist issues it had to be moved here. It's the very first story I've ever written all the way through and have had enough guts to post. Thanks so much for reading!

**********A note for future chapters-this story is being hardcore edited and has a bit of a verb tense switch. I hope this won't ruin your reading experience, but I'm trying to get this editing done as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding! Enjoy the story :D*********

Chapter 1

            I stare up at the moon, thinking of what it was like to fly. To just get up and go. The wind racing through my big natural blonde curls and surrounding me completely. Trying to keep my blue eyes open against the current. Not having a care in the world. Not having to care about the possibility of my Dad returning. Not caring about how I would pay the small rent and bills to my new apartment.

            And most of all, the freedom that I would receive, the fact that nothing would matter except making sure to stay in the air with the birds and not once coming back down to earth where there was so many problems.

             I sit up in the grass and shake my long hair out a little, trying to get rid of the loose grass pieces.

            A sharp snap comes from the right.

            It sounds like a twig, but I'm not quite sure. "Hello?" I call out weakly. My eyes scan the secluded area-according to the news, there were 15 kids here in New York that disappeared recently. The police have been adamant about keeping all the kids in the area indoors and as safe as possible. That's why they put up the 10 o'clock curfew. It's about eleven thirty right now.

            "Who's there?" I ask. Another twig, another stab of fear to my rapidly beating heart.

            I turn to the forest entrance in the park, where the sounds seem to be coming from. My eyes adjust as I peer through the night. A dark shadow looms at the edge of the forest. I can't see fully in the darkness, only the outline of the figure. It is someone tall, and burly. Probably a man. He stands still in the darkness, that same scary and intimidating way the monster does in horror movies.

            My breath catches and my chest feels like an icy hand gripped my heart and won't let go.

            It's all true. There's a kidnapper in New York taking kids. There's a kidnapper in New York taking kids and I've officially become the next victim.

            I push myself to my feet and back away slowly. Maybe he doesn't see me. What if I still have a chance? If I try to make a run for it, the figure would just chase after me because it'd be too obvious. But what if he notices me anyway and breaks into a run? That is something I can't handle.

            The figure takes a step forward, into the moonlight that seeps through the trees.

 He has unruly dark hair, something that can hide him well in the forest-unlike my bright blonde hair. He looks rather old, from the way his cheeks sag the tiniest bit and his eyes seem sunken in and covered by bags under his eyebrows.

His eyes meet mine.


            "W-who are you? What do you want?"

            "It's you." His scary voice replies in awe. "Finally. I finally found you. He's been looking everywhere for you."

            Goosebumps rise on my arms. "Who's been looking for me?"

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