Chapter 1- Moving

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Jessica's POV

"There! That's the last of it!" I muttered under my breath as I unpacked the last box.

My mom and dad had gotten a new job and so we had to move across the country. So now we live in hot Miami, Florida. We used to live in California, so I'm used to the heat, but it sucks because its the middle of the year and I have to attend a new school.

My parents just don't get it. They don't know how hard it is to start at a new school in the middle of the school year. Having to make new friends and gaining enemies. Well I didn't have a lot of enemies at my old school, but you never know here.

"Hey Jessica! Do you want to play some soccer?" Yelled my twin brother, Tony, from downstairs.

"Sure! Let me change!" I yelled back, "I'll meet you out back!"

I was greeted with silence which meant he went outside. I sighed and headed to my closet. I grabbed some soccer shorts, a white tank top, and my favorite cleats.

So if you haven't figured it out, I'm a soccer player. My life revolves around soccer. My dad was the star of the soccer team when he was in high school and now he is a soccer coach.

He has trained me to my best potential.

He has tried to get Tony to play, but he just doesn't like it that much. He's more of a basketball player. Of course he'll play soccer, but only because he knows it helps me. I've played for my old high school, and I was the star. Soccer is really important to me and I take it seriously. Well second important. My priority is my 8 month old daughter, Isabella. So when someone makes fun of soccer or my daughter, it pisses me off.

And yes. I have a daughter. I'm a single mother due to some difficulties. Right now, Isabella was with my parents.

I changed into the sweats, grabbed my inhaler, a water bottle, and I headed outside. And yes I have asthma, but it doesn't stop me from playing soccer.

"Hurry up Jessica!" Yelled Tony from the other side of the field.

And yes, I said field. My mom is a lawyer so she has a lot of money, so we practically live in a mansion. She made sure to have our house have a big yard, knowing that I love soccer and play it 24/7. The field was already designed for someone so that they can play soccer.

I tied up my long, light brown hair into a messy ponytail and walked outside. The nets were already set and I grabbed a soccer ball and warmed up. I dribbled the ball back and forth for a little bit and I did a couple of sprints across the field and I was ready.

Me and Tony headed to the middle of the field.

"Ready to get your ass kicked again?" I smirked at him.

"Oh! Puh-lease! Don't get ahead of yourself." He replied back.

He so knows I'm going to beat him! I always do. We flipped a coin and he choose heads.

It landed on heads and he smirked. We shook hands and we started. Got to have good sportsmanship. He got the ball and tried to go around me. He faked left and then went right. But I knew what he was doing and was able to block him and kick the ball from under his legs.

He looked shocked but quickly recovered and ran to me. Here's the problem, I'm fast, but he's a little faster. I pushed myself and ran as fast as I could and kicked the ball even though I was 20 yards from the goal.

It went in!

"Yes!!" I yelled.

"No fair!" Pouted Tony.

I stuck my tongue out at him. He's such a poor sport!

"You guys playing soccer?" I heard a familiar voice say.

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