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"Hey Bridge," Mackenzie called, causing him to turn around. She bounced passed the basketball towards him, "think fast." Brooklyn caught it, thankfully, and took a layup on the opposite hoop.

"Swish." He said, his arms still in his shooting position. Mackenzie rolled her eyes, grabbing the ball and dribbling half court.

"How about a little one-on-one?" She asked him, dribbling the basketball between her legs. She faked left, dodging Brooklyn, and making a 3-point shot.

"That's three to nothing, me." Mackenzie bragged, passing the basketball to Brooklyn. He pushed passed Mackenzie, dribbling up the other half of the court. He reached up and dunked it, the ball sliding through the hoop. It bounced back onto the ground hard, and rolled into the street, stopping at two boy's feet.

Mackenzie huffed. "Go get it Bridge." She said, nudging his rib cage.

One of the two boys scooped up the basketball, and spun it between his two fingers as he walked onto the court, his friend trailing behind. "How's about a little two-on-two?" The blonde boy holding the ball suggested. His hair was flipped up in a quiff, and a lanyard hung from his neck holding a pair of car keys.

The brunette boy behind him nodded, stealing the ball from his friend. "Play to 30, losers walk, winners get the court and ball."

Mackenzie looked towards Brooklyn, then at the ball again. Her father had given her that basketball for her sixth birthday, and she was not about to loose it.

"No way Bridge. I can't loose that ball." She whispered, pulling Brooklyn off to the side.

"Relax, we're not going to loose. You're good. We're good. C'mon." He assured her, walking back over to the two boys. "We'll play."

Mackenzie tucked the front of her cut-off tee into her Nike shorts, tightening the ponytail at the top of her head. The blonde haired boy checked the ball against Brooklyn, and struggled to get around his block. Brooklyn ended up stealing the ball from him, and dribbling up the other side of the court.

"Bridge!" Mackenzie called, as her friend bounce passed the ball to her. She made a layup, the ball falling through the hoop. "Two nothing." She said, passing the ball to the brunette haired boy.

He dribbled half court, Mackenzie blocking up against him. He made a perfect shot, scoring three points. "Make that three, two. Us." He smirked, using his t-shirt to wipe sweat from his forehead.

The game went back and forth, and final score was thirty-two to twenty-seven, and Mackenzie and Brooklyn had won. "Good game guys." The blonde said, sticking out his hand for a handshake. "You guys play for your school?" He asked, handing the basketball back over to them.

Brooklyn nodded, and Mackenzie replied, "Our high school doesn't have girls basketball."

"You guys go to Weaver, then?" The brunette chimed in, and both Mackenzie and Brooklyn nodded. "Us too, you guys freshmen?"

"Juniors." Brooklyn cut in, spinning the basketball between his fingers. "And you are?"

"Seniors. I'm Matt, that's Nate." The blonde replied, motioning to the brunette. "How come we've never seen you before? Maybe you'll make varsity." He said to Brooklyn, before walking off with Nate trailing behind.

"See, I told you we would win." Brooklyn spoke up, bounce passing the ball towards Mackenzie. She caught the ball and dribbled it between her legs.

"We got lucky. The blonde one, Matt, he's good." She replied, making a shot. The ball fell through the hoop, bouncing back onto the blacktop. "The other kid was good too, I don't think he was playing to his full potential though."

Brooklyn shrugged, dribbling the ball half court. "I noticed that too. He was barely guarding you," his eyes went wide, "He definitely threw the game because he likes you!"

"No way, Bridge. He's a senior. And I'm me." She pointed towards her face, and then her hair, which was a complete and utter mess.

"Whatever, Mackenzie. I see it."

Mackenzie rolled her eyes, pushing his shoulder. "Shut up."

"Mackenzie and Nate." He sing-songed, starting to laugh.

Mackenzie frowned, punching his shoulder now. "Goodbye, Brooklyn."


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