Fairy Tail and Sabertooth's info

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Lucy Heartfillia, a fifteen year old, joined Fairy Tail at age fourteen. She's a celestial wizard and also in love with her best friend, Gray Fullbuster. Lucy has amazing friends like Erza Scarlet, Wendy Marval, Natsu Dragneel, Levy McGarden, and such others. Lucy has honey blonde hair, doe brown eyes, pink plump lips, and rosy pink cheeks.

Erza Scarlet, another fifteen year old joined Fairy Tail at age seven. She's a- well, a wizard that can re-equip faster than you can say her boyfried's name. Yes, ERZA has a boyfriend, his name is Jellal Fernandes, a member from the Sabertooth guild. Erza has Scarlett red hair, pretty brown eyes, naturally pink coloured lips, and sometimes rosy cheeks.

Wendy Marval, is nine years old. She joined the guild at her age. Wendy has a huge crush on Romeo, who is ten years old. She is a dragon slayer, she's a wind dragon slayer. She can heal anyone. Wendy has long dark blue hair, brown eyes, pink lips, and baby pink cheeks

Levy McGarden, is a nerdy fifteen year old. Levy is currently dating Gajeel for two months now. Levy is really smart and isn't really into fighting. Levy has short lightish-darkish hair, brown eyes, pink lips and cheeks that sometimes turn pink when you compliment her.

Natsu Dragneel, is fifteen years old. He's not in a relationship but has a crush on Lucy. He has pink spiky hair, I guess you could say, brown eyes and a competitive smile.

Sabertooth Guild

Gray Fullbuster, is fifteen years old. He is the son of Master Fullbuster the Master of the guild. Gray is in love with his best friend, Lucy Heartfillia and also an ice make wizard. Gray has raven black hair, I guess you could say jet black eyes, and a smirk that will make you see the good in him.

Jellal Fernandes, a fifteen year old. His best friend is Gray Fullbuster. Jellal has a special ability but no one knows about it and has a girlfriend from the Fairy Tail guild (their rival) named Erza Scarlet. Jellal has red markings on the left side of his face, blue hair, and a smile Erza loves the most about him.

Minerva Lodge, is a fourteen year old girl with brunette hair and brown eyes. She is an earth wizard. She has a HUGE crush on Joseph Williams.

Joseph Williams, is a fifteen year old boy with light blue hair and emerald eyes. He's a fire wizard. He has a BIG crush on Minerva Lodge.
To be continued...
Me: Here it is, I made up Minerva's last name, i don't know it... Sorry. Joseph Williams is NOT in Fairy Tail, so yeah...

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