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Chapter 8

I walked back home with the thoughts heavy in my mind. I couldn't believe that I actually agreed to what she had asked me to do! I mean, which one in the right minds would actually want to carry on a mission like that! What was I thinking when she asked me? Obviously the fact that it would feel good to be in his arms for once in my life.

I juggled the keys between my finger as I entered the apartment building. I walked to the elevator and pressed on the up arrow button. I let my mind wander around until the slight ding from the elevator brought me back to reality. After I reached the sixteenth floor, I walked out and headed to the fifth house from the elevator. I opened the door with the keys I was about to walk into the house when I bumped into someone. I fell hard on my butt while the other person fell too. I got up from the concrete floor and directed my sight towards a messy haired David.

I mumbled a pain ouch but it was rewarded with no words. Instead, he only walked off, leaving me on the ground to tend to my own. I looked at him as he vanished way and I finally caught onto a weird aura dangling in the air as it left him.

Was it because of Kristine again?

I closed the creak door and trotted my way to the living room. It was so weid. David had acted cold before but he never looked so down. The way he looked before he left, it really sent a bad vibe to me. I didn't know why, but something told me that the cause of David acting this way was indeed because of Kristine. Only she was capable of making him that way. Suddenly, I felt bad. I was actually thinking bad thoughts about my sister and for what? Because David looked like crap.

I sighed to my when the doorbell rang. I wonder who could that be? I quickly walked back got he door and opened it up without hesitation. My eyes almost and practically turned round when I saw who it was. Jake, standing in front of me looking nervous with his face dyed in blood shot red had me thinking about the plan Stephanie had said and that had caused me to blish right back.

"Jake!" I called up his name and somehow, it sounded out forced when really, i was nervous all of a sudden thanks to Stephanie's plan invading my mind. Me, seduce Jake? Yeah, right. He looked up from his shoes the very moment with a whole new look in his eyes. I couldn't really get what they were but there was something in him. I was literally confused and scared at the same time. I didn't know he could actually look like that. "Jake?" I questioned him making him to blink for the very first time from the start he looked at me.

It was like if I had broken him from a trance. He took a huge breath before he left his right hand as it scratched the back of his neck nervously. "C-Charlie, uhm- You see, my family is going to have this party for my parent's wedding anniversary and everyone in my family is going to bring a date, so I thought- Wait, you don't have to if you don't want to! I mean- uh-" he didn't continue his sentence instead he hung his head down once again before I looked at him confused. My mind was trying to fuse with the words before it all clicked.

Was Jake trying to ask me if I would like to be his date for that function?

My face immediately dyed in red before I became speechless. Now, I looked like his twin because his face was also in red. I didn't know what to say nor do. Should I give this a shot? Maybe he did had a crush on me? I was practically choking for air!

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