The beginning

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Little Lucy Heartfillia was running from her best friend, Gray Fullbuster.
"I'm gonna catch you Lucy!" Gray shouted. After a few moments he ran into her and wrapped her into a hug,
"Got ya" he whispered. Lucy giggled and tried to get out of his embrace.
"Ok, you win." Lucy pouted. Gray pulled away and faced Lucy,
"Please stop pouting, it upsets me" Gray said emotionally. Lucy nodded and hugged him tightly.


Ten year old Gray held his dearest best friend in his arms as Lucy cuddled in his chest.
"I need to tell you something..." Gray said sadly.
"What is it?" Lucy questioned.
"Promise me that nothing will change between us."
"Promise" Lucy smiled, which made Gray smile. He loved everything about her. Yes, Gray Fullbuster is in love with his best friend, but Lucy doesn't know.
Gray scratched the back of his neck,
"Well, I'm moving..."
"What?" Lucy moved out of his embrace and just sat on his lap which made Gray frown a bit.
"Why?" Gray sat there taking more interest in the ground then the conversation...
"Well... I don't really know..." He lied. Gray knew exactly why he was moving away.

To be continued...
Me:I hope you like my first chapter of "You and I" I know I'm not the greatest but trust me it will get better...

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