Chapter 7- Kinky

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February 15
The Penthouse
Eros’ Apartment


Eros told me to come find him right after Valentine’s Day so that I could tell him how my date went. He gave me another card which contained his address. It’s eleven am and here I am right outside Eros’ door.

I rang the doorbell for what felt like a hundred times already but no one answered the door. Great. Maybe he’s still asleep. If I didn’t really need his advice, I wouldn’t have gone here in the first place.

I gathered the shadows and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was inside Eros’ apartment. It was large and decorated in shades of black and red. He had a long red lounge surrounded by very comfortable-looking black armchairs. The lamps were heart-shaped and everything looked really cozy. He even had a giant lava lamp which looked as tall as me. Red heart-shaped bubbles floated from some kind of liquid.

I gazed at it in fascination for a few moments.

“Eros!” I called out. Again, no one answered. Maybe he really was still asleep. I could feel his aura here. I followed its trace and ended up in his bedroom. His blonde hair was barely visible under the dark, heavy covers of his bed.

His bed was massive. It looked like ten of me could sleep there very comfortably. Whoever needed a bed this big? I stepped closer and noticed that feathers were scattered everywhere. There were lots of feathers on the bed and even more of it on the floor.

“Eros!” I hissed. He turned around and groaned. His arm curled around a lump underneath the covers. It looked like a pillow.

“Eros. Wake up now!” I shouted. It was so loud that I think his neighbours heard it too. He instantly sat upright and glared around his room in confusion. His gaze locked on me and he groaned once more.

“Gods, Thanatos! It’s still very early!” he shouted. He lifted his hand and ran his fingers through his sleep-mussed hair.

“It’s already eleven am.” I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

He shrugged and laid back down in his bed. He curled his arm around the pillow again. Well, I thought it was a pillow before it moved. The ‘pillow’ emitted a satisfied sigh and then the covers were thrown back and a woman emerged.

She was wearing a red-silk clothing which really hid nothing. Why wear something like that when everything that should be covered is blatantly shown? My gaze roamed from the tips of her blonde hair to her perfect little toes. My body stirred at the beauty displayed in front of me.

I shook my head to snap out of my daze and averted looking at her again.

“Well, hello there.” She purred.

“Uh, hi.” I said uncomfortably. I heard Eros chuckle and then the ruffle of silk which were followed by wet, kissing noises. And then I heard more sighs. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw more movement and then the covers were thrown to the floor and four more girls emerged.

They sighed when they saw Eros and they all mumbled their goodmornings.

“Up for round 2 already?” one of them said huskily.

“More like round twelve!” another answered and they all giggled. Eros laughed.

“Girls, meet my friend, Thanatos.” He said as he introduced me. All five pairs of different-colored eyes shot towards me.

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