Chapter XIV: The Unexpected Meeting

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Hey guys,

Since I think my description of characters is somewhat hard to decipher, and honestly I have a very bad memory so I tend to forget what the actors look alike, except for Lance, because I really do think and imagine him in my mind as Ian Somerhalder.

So, anyways, I have made my cast, and spent like a week trying to figure out who to put as cast so that you will have a clear picture. That's all. Enjoy!


"Do you understand everything, Ms. Owen?" Holden asked as he sat comfortably down after standing for about an hour discussing Andrea's duties, responsibilities and contract. He looked at the beautiful face of his employee who seem to have no problem at all with everything he just said.

"Of course, but please sir, do call me Andrea," she smiled at him, a smile that he found making her more attractive.

"If you insist," he said, "Is there anything else you would like to know, Andrea?" he asked as he continue to look at Andrea's every so knowledgeable face.

"Nothing, sir," she said and smiled.

"Very well, then. You may now leave and Margaret will accompany you with a small tour and also to your cubicle," he said.

Andrea nodded her thanks and left while Holden kept a steady gaze at her retreating back until she exited the door.

He sighed. Last night, after dropping off Andrea and heading home, he found the file of the employees he was suppose to study a month ago, but had put it off,and now since the job is already handed to him, he need to study it. And imagine his surprise after lazily going through the employees, he saw the face of the woman he just dropped off.

Holden, being a man, can't deny that Andrea is attractive and with her smart facade and wise mouth, she is something he imagined himself having babies with. A thought that shocked even himself for he had ever thought of such a thing towards someone before.


"Our company occupies ten floors of this building and in this floor, all the employees here work closely with the CEO so almost all of us have the same job except I get to be directly commanded often," Margaret said with a very professional smile as they walk towards the cubicles outside the office of Mr. McKinley.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Andrea can't help but ask, Holden is handsome to the point that he looks kind of like a greek god only fully clothed, and though Margaret is somehow older than him, she is still a woman with a slightly active hormones.

"Both." she said and gave Andrea a knowing look which made her laugh.

They stopped in front of an empty cubicle between two occupied once. Margaret explained her everything and then left. Andrea's cubicle is composed of a desktop computer, 2 file basket, some pens and paper, a trash bin and a chair. She put her bag down on the table and sat down.

"Hey," said a voice to her right.

She looked up and saw a blonde with a heavily made up face waving at her, "Welcome to Nelsons, Inc.," she said cheerily.

"Thank you," Andrea smiled and the woman made her way to the opening of her cubicle. 

"I'm Diane Mayer, you must be Andrea Owen. Mr. Nelson took great fancy of you that he talked about you a lot," the girl extended her arm, and Andrea stood up, finding she is taller than Diane, and took her hand. 

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