On the drive home, Jason hadn't said a word to me. Only the sound of the music and his constant mumbling filled the car. I however knew he was going to talk it was just a matter of timing before he did.

When we got to my parent's neighborhood I waited for Jason to stop in front of their house and talk to me, but he never stopped driving.

"Jason where are we going?" I asked. He hadn't answer me he just continued driving.

Some thirty plus minutes later Jason pulled up to Malibu Beach. Jason un-buckled his seat belt and exited the vehicle circling over to me and opening the door before proceeding onto the beach.

"Jason are you alright" I asked following behind him. He remained quiet, heading towards the coastal line. "Jason talk to me" I pressed.

"So how many were there Tiana?" Jason retorted instantly, stopping in his track.

"That's what you want to know? After what just happened back at your home, you want to talk about France?"

"YES!" He shouted, stepping to me.

"Jason what happened back there?" I repeated not wanting to get into the other topic.

"I don't want to talk about that. What I want to know is how many were there after me?"

"Jason that's not important"

"That many, huh?!" He responded angrily " I can't believe you" he said, shaking his head.

"No it wasn't that many who the hell do you think I am?!" I retorted finding myself getting upset as well.

"Then How Much?!" He asked.

"Two and it wasn't anything serious"

"You know what it doesn't matter. WE WERE JUST GETTING OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP TIANA!" He exclaimed stepping to me.



Jason proceeded to walk. Frozen in my tracks I looked on at Jason, baffled. He was upset with me over a few meaningless dates when he proposed to a whole other woman. That was unfair.

"Well at least I didn't proposed to them" I responded with much attitude.

"Don't you dare flip this on me Tiana. I waited four years before I got into a relationship with Alison, you only waited three months"

"It Wasn't a Relationship Jason!" I exclaimed, annoyed by his accusations. "Those men and I weren't serious. We were casual and each one lasted only about a month and you know what I hadn't been with anyone ever since."


"Yeah. Nothing serious. I haven't been in a serious relationship at all for the past six years, So all your accusations Jason, fucking Null and void. Getting all worked up for no reason whatsoever"

Jason was silent for a moment...

"Okay" he then said under his breath, before proceeding to the coastal line.

When we got to the coast line Jason and I took a seat on the huge rocks. For a moment we sat in silence, looking out in a distance.

After ten minutes or so, I finally spoke. "So can we talk about you and Alison now?" I asked.

"I don't really want to" Jason responded looking down at his hands.

"Well I do. What was up with her back there? She was dominating your ass back there. That's completely unlike you, for you to just let her talk to you like that."

"Alison just don't want me to jeopardize my career over meaningless things"

"Meaningless?" I questioned. This not my best friend talking." Oh, but it's okay to jeopardize who you are. Yeah that's fine"

"Come on Tiana"

"You come on Jason. Get it together. Be you. Wear your hair wild, surf if you feel"

"It's not that simple Tiana. I've mature"

"But it is, Jason. Mature yes, lose yourself hellll no. And you know what, your bestie is going to help you"

"Help me?" Jason smiled.

"Yesssss. And I promise you that Jason is is going to be resurrected starting with that hair." I started running my fingers through his hair, messing it up. We both laughed. After I finished messing his hair up, I helped him up and said, "now lets go buy you a surfboard."

"Surfboard, Tiana I haven't been on the waves in years"

"Don't worry I'll help. See unlike you, I made sure I squeeze in a bit of time for surfing in my busy schedule."

"Swear!" Jason exclaimed with much excitement

"I promise. Come on. Best friend we are going surfing...."

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