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The Queen

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Chapter 41

Percy woke up.

He was in a bed? What had happened? Percy sat up and looked around.

It was a very elegant bedroom. There was a large window on one side of the room and the walls were covered in cream wallpaper with a floral pattern of similar colors spread across it. He sat in a very comfortable canopy bed. There was a door that must have led to the bathroom on the other side of the room. It was not a large bedroom, maybe the size of a regular motel room.

Percy frowned. Hadn't he been in the dungeons? He swung his legs to the side of the bed and hopped onto the floor. He was still in his Hogwarts clothes, shoes in all. They were dirty and smelly from their time in the cells. He walked over to a chair in one corner of the room and saw a new clothes. Percy snatched them and headed for the bathroom. He really hoped that they had running water. He could go for a shower.

The whole time he was under the hot water all he could think about was whether there had been running water in the Frozen movie. Their main export was ice in the movie . . . but apparently they had running water. Percy guessed that freezers came after running water but still . . .

Soon he was dressed in dress pants and shirt with a coat. There had been a tie as well, but Percy thought it looked silly with the blue of his pants, so instead he unbuttoned the top button and wore it like he had seen super models do. After and examination in the mirror he saw that his chin was getting really prickly. He needed a shave. Percy pursed his lips as he searched the cabinets for a razor or whatever they used to shaver beards at this day and age. None was to be found. Percy even thought about using Riptide, but a sword was not very wieldable for one's face.

Instead of shaving, he spent ten minutes looking in the mirror and assuring himself that it looked fine.

Before leaving the bathroom he looked down at his Hogwarts uniform and felt a pang of sadness. He knew that he probably couldn't keep the whole thing with him, but he grabbed the circle glasses from inside the pocket and slipped them into his pants pocket with Riptide.

He ran his hands through his hair to comb it back. He needed a haircut too. After he had finished he went back into the main room to put his shoes on.

When he looked up he saw Queen Elsa looking over some papers as she sat at leisure on the chair that his new clothes had been strewn across. Percy pursed his lips but raised his head high. What was she doing in his room? She wore a yellow dress today that was almost a gold. Her hair was in ringlets around her head. Her skirts flowed to the ground.

"I was hoping to catch you in a towel," she said without looking up from her papers. Percy frowned and ran over her words in his head to make sure that he had heard her right. Then she glanced up and looked him up and down disappointedly. "Too bad I can't repay you for your invasion as you did me." Percy couldn't figure out if he was being hit on by a Disney princess or if a Disney Princess was actually getting revenge. Elsa was from Disney's Frozen right? Neither of those options seemed possible for a Disney princess. But then again she was a queen . . . so what did that mean?

Percy did the smart thing and gaped at her openly. She smirked at him.

"I am only joking," she said standing up from the chair. Percy couldn't help but notice the lower neck line of her dress. He quickly decided to keep his eyes fixed on her face.

"Of course," Percy said, not quite convinced. She motioned for him to come closer and Percy walked up to her so that she was only four feet away. A respectful distance Percy thought. He suddenly felt like he had stepped into a trap. There was something off about her.

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