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Chapter Two:

        "Seriously, why are you still wearing that crop-top sweater?" I asked Dani as we walked towards Chemistry class.

I was nice enough to go back to her Calculus class to check up on her, to make sure that she didn't get lost. But when I got there, she was leaning on the wall by the hallways, her earphones plugged in, and her books tucked in to her chest while she hugged them close.

She was waiting for me.

It made me smile. It was like she knew that I was nice enough to do that for her, so I can't help but feel appreciated.

The look that Dani gave me woke me up from my thoughts and she reminded me that my Grandpa came by her class again to let her know that I'll be assisting her again.

I rolled my eyes.

"Of course." I said, hating the fact that my Grandfather knows me far too well.

A part of me wanted to know Dani better, to know what her business is. I wanted to know the reason why she moved from  Québec, to the most boring province, which was Saskatchewan. Out of all the cities she could move into SK, she picked the smallest one, she picked here, she picked Prince Albein.

I'm curious, or maybe I'm just weird.

I just think that it's unusual for someone to move in to Prince Albein because it's such a small town, and it's in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by canola fields. All in all, Prince Albein is not that interesting, whatsoever.

"The crop-top sweater." I said again, pointing at her top. "Why?"

"Because I can wear whatever I want." She replied, not even glancing at my direction, her gaze up front.

"Aren't you cold though?" I asked, and glanced out the window by the hallway. "It's freezing out. Light snow fall."

Dani shrugged.

"It's supposed to be below twenty degrees out later in the afternoon." I told her, checking my phone for forecast. "I bet you don't even own a jacket."

"I'm not stupid. I have one in my locker." She replied, rolling her eyes at me. "I'm Canadian too, so I understand the whole concept."

"Seriously though." I said. "No one's even handing you extra clothing...?"

"Why would they?" She asked. Again, not even looking at me.

"Because," I paused for a dramatic effect. "Dani, if you haven't noticed, you are wearing a very revealing piece of clothing."

And with that, I stared at her bare stomach, and Dani just happened to catch me staring. To my embarrassment, I quickly looked away and tried to act nonchalant even though I'm freaking out inside. She must've thought that I was checking her out.

Not that there wasn't anything to check her out about. I mean, she does have a nicely toned stomach...

I'm just going to stop right there.

"Huh." Dani said, more in observation as she finally turned her head to look at me. "Sure."

"You're in a Catholic school." I explained, pointing out our surroundings with my arms flailing around awkwardly. I even pointed at the statue of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Mary, St. John... etc. "Your clothes are considered... Inappropriate. It's on the student handbook." I added, now gripping the straps of my small backpack as we walk.

Again, Dani didn't respond. I frowned. Why the hell isn't she saying anything? Did she hear what I said?

"I said, your clothes are in-"

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