Cafe Tales (Criminal Minds FanFiction)

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I DO NOT own Criminal Minds. I only own the idea, original characters, blah blah blah.

I hope you all enjoy this. This is my first Criminal Minds FanFiction. Let me know what you think and any criticism you may have. This takes place a while after where they are right now in the show (Season 8 after [SPOILER!] Mave dies.) so if anything is different than the show, that’s why.


Chapter 1

My eyes were stuck on the white wall across from me. I was sitting in a hospital bed. All I knew was that I had been shot. There had been a mass shooting and I happened to be in the café. I also happened to be the only one who survived.

The only one who survived any of them. From what I  understood, there were at least two other café shootings. No one knew why. It was in DC so most people believed for them to be terrorist acts but I knew better. So did the BAU.

I looked over as I heard a knock on the hospital door. Standing in the doorway were two males. One was attractive and looked like he worked out every chance he had. The other was… Spencer. Spencer Reid. I went to High School with him.

My thoughts were interrupted by the attractive man’s voice. “Violet Evans? I’m Special Agent Derek Morgan and this is…”

“Spencer Reid.” My voice sounded as if I just woke up. That would probably be because I did.

Special Agent Derek Morgan’s eyes moved to Spencer as he cocked an eyebrow. Spencer looked at me and smiled an awkward smile and gave me a just as awkward nod.

“Nice to see you again, Spencer.” I said, trying to sit up more but being forced back down as pain shot through my leg. So that’s where I’d been shot. I knew I was going to be feeling this for the while.

“Yeah. Nice to see you too, Violet.” Spencer gave me another awkward nod then looked at Special Agent Morgan’s curious eyes. “We went to High School together. She moved away after…”

“My mom got a job offer.” I cut him off. I wasn’t about to bring up my past. This had nothing to do with me. I knew that much.

“We’re here to ask you a few questions.” Special Agent Morgan said, walked over to the side of the bed. Spencer moved to the other side. “What do you remember about the shooting?”

I looked back up at Special Agent Morgan then to Spencer then back to the wall. “Not much. I had gone there to clear my head and get my next chapter done but it didn’t help any. I just continued to stare at the blank screen.”

I took a deep breath then shook my head. “I heard a shot from behind me and saw the cashier fall to the ground. I stood up and went to run but I heard another couple shots and I fell to the ground. I hit my head and I don’t remember anything after that until I woke up in here.” I was sure I would feel the pain in my head if I didn’t have some kind of pain medication in me.

“Did you see the person’s face?” Spencer asked, quietly.

“No. I wasn’t particularly worried about seeing his face in that moment. I just wanted to get out of there.” My voice was a whisper. “I couldn’t leave my son alone in this world.”

As if on cue, a four year old boy came running into the room, tears in his eyes. “Mommy!” He cried, reaching to get up on the bed. Special Agent Morgan looked at me questioning and I nodded to him. He picked up the child and put him on the bed.

“Sebastian.” I whispered and the boy’s arms were instantly around my neck. “I’m okay, sweetie. Don’t worry.”