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Dm's to @fxckairwin
9:54 pm
@snapbackcal: hey girly what's up.
9:55 pm
@fxckairwin trying to get comfortable on my damn bed. :-(
9:56 pm
@snapbackcal: omg I hate when that happens it's so fustrating.
9:58 pm
@fxckairwin: see you get me. Why do you have to live all the way in Australia! :-(
10:00 pm
@snapbackcal: why do you have to live all the way in San Antonio! :(
10:02 pm
@fxckairwin: you should just move over here and we could watch ahs on Netflix all day and obsess over 5sos selfies.
10:03 pm
@snapbackcal: or we could do all that over here where I'm at and when they come home for breaks and stuff we could meeting them.
10:05 pm
@fxckairwin: tru, tru. Okay Well goodnight Sadie I'm going to sleep I have an ap test tomorrow. Bye love you
10:06 pm
@snapbackcal: okay goodnight les love you too

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