1. not perfect; faulty or incomplete.


"Flaws are beauty."

Lies. Lies. Lies.

"Ignore the haters!"

It's pretty hard when you live with her.

"Love yourself."

Hard to do when you look like a fat whale.

"Believe it and you can achieve it!"

Okay now they're just getting sayings off of cereal boxes.

Honestly, all these quotes ever do is make you feel worse about yourself. It makes you think about your flaws, not help you fix them. Sure quotes can help boost your self-esteem for a while, but they don't help cure anything.

My whole life, people have been posting these 'helpful' quotes on social media sights, but the truth is all it really does is annoy me. I won't ever be anything like those quotes say.

I know I'm not perfect and I will never be perfect. I won't ever have the body that my mother so wishes for me to have.

You see, my mother is a high class designer and the one thing she loves more then making dresses is criticizing me. My entire life, I have never been the golden child. My mother loves bringing me down because it keeps her feeling like she's perfect. My father left us when I was 2 years old and I never saw him again. There are days when I pray as to why my father couldn't have taken me with him, why leave his daughter with Satan?

No matter how much I push myself to try hard in school, I'm still not good enough. No matter how much makeup I pamper myself with to be blemish free, I'm still not good enough. No matter who much I exercise, I'm still not skinny enough.

I've been called beautiful many times by my best friend, but I just can't bring myself to believe her. Instead, I place a fake smile on my face and she buys it every time. If only she knew how I was really feeling. When I look into the mirror I see all the things my mother has said to me for years.

"Really honey, you fill more food then our refrigerator" that one always seemed to bring a smile to her face. I, as her daughter, only nod and close the fridge door losing my appetite once again. I never eat when I'm home, in fear of my mother seeing me with a chocolate bar. The one time I normally eat is at lunch when at school. My 'mother' has even gone as far as buying me pills to stop from eating. I think she wasn't me to be anorexic. I never take them though, I have a pile of them stacked in my bathroom and throw them out. As long as she thinks I'm using them, I'm fine.

This is where my story begins. It's no Cinderella story because at least she got to find a handsome prince. Instead I was left with an evil mother and a player for a mate.

Yes, I am human, though I can't say the same for my mother. Since my father was human and my mother never found her mate, she decided to marry a human. To her disappointment, once he found out of her true self, he packed up his things and ran the first chance he got. He was most likely scared that I was going to end up like her, but sadly I am human. I am powerless against my mother's werewolf abilities. One punch could knock me out for days. Several could kill me in seconds.

This is the story of my imperfect life.


Tell me what you think of this book.

How was the prologue?

Do you all want me to continue this book?


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