Chapter 9

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Hi everyone! Here's a new chapter for you all. It's not much, but I hope you like it anyway. Our dear friend Carrie will be showing up in the next one, so stay tuned.

Thanks! Enjoy :D

Chapter 9

The next day, Daxton's father chased him down in the hall. "Daxton, I need you to find a suitable voice for our Musetunes account's commercial." He held out a file folder in his direction.

"By when?" Daxton flipped through the files, peering at all the names written down, some familiar, others not so much.

"Tomorrow morning. First thing." His father adjusted his red tie with quick, precise movements. "This commercial has to be done by the end of the month. All the major CGI work and filming is done. Now we need to record a new song to bring attention to it." He pointed to the top of the third list which Daxton had stopped on. "I've circled the major singers we'd prefer to have, but you know kids these days better than I do. Find someone who can bring up our profit margin."

"On it." His eyes trailed one of the workers who rushed past.

They barely parted ways when his father turned again. "Oh, and call Carrie back. She's been looking for you."

No wonder daddy dearest seemed to be in such a good mood. Anytime Daxton's fiancée called, she buttered the man up. That would have to stop immediately.

At her desk, Kamree tapped away at her keyboard. She had file folders of her own and no doubt had spent the morning updating and organizing his client's information.

Daxton loved waking up knowing she'd be in his house. She always got up early. Whenever he finally strolled out of bed she was already up and making breakfast for him and Paisley. He'd then drive them to drop Paisley off at school. Kamree never let him drive away before she'd gotten out and wished Paisley a good day with a hug.

He'd worked on getting more groceries into his house for Paisley. They'd agreed that the two of them would stay with him until child services came back for a routine check. So sometime before that he'd have to convince her to stay indefinitely.

They'd also agreed to run out this evening and pick up more child-friendly furniture. That had been a hard conversation. Kamree didn't want him doing any more than necessary. He, on the other hand, had to convince her that the money at his disposal would've gone to more stupid causes anyway like pay-per-view MMA fights.

"Hey Kamree," He stepped up to the desk and nodded a hello to Becca. "I need you to make a copy of these files for me and then reorganize them by Musetunes rank and then alphabetical by last name."

The tapping on the keyboard cut off as he set the file down. "Two different lists? Sure thing." The phone on her desk rang. She snatched it up quickly and gave a greeting in a polite, professional voice. "Cavenaugh Productions, Mr. Daxton Cavenaugh's office, please hold." After clicking a button on the machine, she diverted her attention back to him. "When do you need this done?"

Having her give him the most of her focus felt...empowering. The rest of the employees did the same because his name was on the sign out front, but Kamree did it differently. She had less of the boring, dutiful expression and more of a true attentiveness-as if she honestly cared about what he had to say. Outside of work was much the same. He liked that he knew that.

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