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The shiny patent leather shoes stopped inches from Lillian’s tear-stained face. Without thinking about what she was doing, she reached out and grabbed those feet, “Please, Sir...save him...Save my husband!”

She was still snivelling at his feet when a pair of strong hands gripped  her shoulders pulling her to her feet.

“What’s wrong, querida?”

They have taken my husband, Sir! They took Jim!”She repeated incoherently.


“We-we couldn’t pay-“

“That’s enough,” the man interrupted, “Go home, querida...Your man will be returned to you.”

“Sir! Thank you...May the good lord shower his blessings on your kind heart...if there is anything in my humble ability that I may provide?”Lillian wept with joy.

The man looked at her quietly for a moment as though seriously considering her offer, then smiled, “My oldest son just turned of age and I have been looking for a bride-”

Lillian looked at him in confusion, “I do not understand, my lord... I am already married-”

“I was not thinking of you, querida...but your daughter.”

Lillian looked at her six-year old who was happily playing in the dirt next to her, blissfully unaware of the drama going on around her. She felt fresh tears pool in her eyes...Was this man was asking for her little Mia as the price for her husband’s life???

“She’s just a child, Lord.”

“I know. We will, of-course, wait until she is of age before finalizing the wedding.”

Lillian smiled in relief, happy that her Mia would be wed to this kind man’s son when she was old enough.

“What is her name?”

“Amelia, my lord.”

He smiled, bending gracefully to lift the child in his arms, “Amelia, mi hija (my child)...we will be waiting for the day you turn eighteen...que dios los bendiga (may God bless you).”

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