Imagine #5- I hate you

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If you read homestuck, this could be explained as something inbetween red romance and black romance (just because i don't want to badly hurt Yusei or Nicole. Or both xD)
So enjoy!

[Also thank you so much for 7k reads omg X.X]

No One's POV:

Nicole was walking down the streets of Neo Domino City when she saw Yusei sitting on his duel runner by the shore. She smirked and approached him "Hey there, nerd ". Yusei immediately knew who it was and he rolled his eyes, not even making an effort to look at her but instead kept his glance at the ocean.

" What do you want, Nicole? " He sighed, and then felt some weight on the runner behind him causing him to turn around and he frowned when he saw the one and only Nicole sitting on it. " Oh nothing, just wanted to have some fun ", He totaly knew what she meant by that, her so called 'fun' is almost always making fun of him.

" Thought of something nerdy since the last time we crossed paths? ", Yusei's eyelid quivered and he could almost feel Nicole smirking at his reaction. " If you say something like that again I'll-", She laughed and hugged his waist from behind, whispering in his ear with a mocking tone, " You'll what, nerd? Bore me to death? ".

Light blush tinted Yusei's cheeks from the closeness between them, " I won't be responsible for what I might do ". Nicole chuckled and let him go, " You'll shower me with your nerdy inventions? Oh God, I'm so scared! ".

That was the drop that filled the cup. Yusei suddenly started the motor of his bike which signaled it's on with a roar, and started driving fast, catching Nicole behind him off guard. She hugged his waist terrified, " Yusei what do you think you're doing??! You know I'm afraid of riding on bikes! ". Yusei chuckled and drove even faster, racing through the streets of Neo Domino, with an exact destination on his mind. " Yeah, I'm perfectly aware of your fear, but that makes this even more fun ", he answered with a smirk as Nicole tightened her grip around his waist every time Yusei turned a corner.

"W-where are we going?", She stuttered out, her words muffled 'cause her face was burried in Yusei's back. She didn't care if he would make fun of her or something later, she still held him like he was the only chance for her survival. This was all so amusing to Yusei, he was barely not laughing. " My place ", he answered her right at the moment he came to a stop and hit breaks abruptly. Nicole let out a scream and almost squezed Yusei's organs out at that moment. " I.. can't breathe.. ", he squeaked out and she let go, quite embarassed.

" W-well that was your fault for stopping so abruptly! ", Nicole started to defend herself as Yusei got off his duel runner and offered her a hand. She was quite confused as to why he would be so kind to her now after all she has done to him. Anyways, she took his hand and started getting off of the runner slowly but Yusei pulled her towards him almost making her trip and fall to the ground, " What are you-! ", Nicole started saying but then he took her other hand too and tied them with some kind of rope which she had no idea from where he took it out.

" Yusei?! ", Nicole was now starting to panic and squeaked when Yusei picked her up and started carrying her inside his house. She trashed around trying to get away, but he had an iron grip on her making it impossible to escape. He threw her on the couch in the living room as soon as they got inside, and turned around locking the door. Yusei turned around and glared at Nicole, " Shut up ", and then his expression changed and a lustful smirk took the glare's place.

He took off his jacket and approached her, climbing on the couch and towering over her. " Y-yusei what are you.. Planning to do- ", she got interrupted by Yusei's rough, but at the same time time soft, lips on her own. It took her only a few seconds to kiss him back as he started tracing her sides, leaving her wanting more even though she didn't want to feel like this. " S-stop-ah! ", she yelped in pain as Yusei pushed his nails into her soft skin and growled.

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