Liam: You sat curled up against the bathroom door crying. You had been sitting there for about 2 hours thinking about how this would affect Liam, his career, and his publicity. Dating a girl 3 years younger than his received enough bad publicity; how would getting her pregant look. You comtemplated how you would tell him. Would you hand him the test, buy a cake, or just spit it out. What if he didnt want a baby, what if he left you. These thoughts flooded your mind, but cleared out as you heard a knock at the door. “Babe? You in there?” Liam asked. “Umm yeah. Give me a second” you told him hoping he couldn’t tell, but as soon as you voice cracked you knew that he noticed. “(Y/N), are you crying? Open the door please let me in.” Slowly you walked to the door and opened it. As soon as he saw your bloodshot eyes, he pulled you into a hug; soothingly rubbing your back. “(Y/N), whats wro—” he abruptly stopped. You looked up and saw what he was staring at. The pregnancy test with the little pink plus sign. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Liam. I understand if you dont want to be with m—” He cut you off by placing a firm kiss onto your lips. “This isn’t your fault, it’s mine too. Dont blame yourself. I’m not leaving you; we’re in this together. I promise.” He placed another passionate kiss on your lips.

Niall: That’s it. This just proved what you expected. The morning sickness, not having your period last month or this one for that matter, being extremely hungry. This test just proved it; you’re pregnant. You breathed deeply attempting to calm yourself, but it wasn’t working. The tears started to soak your cheeks as you thought of the consequences of being pregnant with Niall’s baby. You were 2 years younger than him, not much, but the media would have a field day with Niall getting a younger girl pregnant. You had a few hours to figure stuff out before Niall came home. Maybe you should just leave and take care of the baby yourself, or put it up for adoption. You would do anything, but abortion was not an option. Even though you aren’t ready for a baby you would still bring it into the world. You called your mom hoping for her not to yell at you and just give you advice. She did a little yelling, but in the end told you that it was up for you and Niall to decided together. So that’s what you did. You heard the door to you flat close and foot steps up the stairs. “Princess? You up here?” He peeked around the door frame of you room to see you sitting on the bed staring at the floor. “(Y/N), whats wrong?” He kneeled in front of you grabbing your hands. “Niall, I need to tell you something. Sit down, please,” you told him. He sat on the bed beside you as you stood up and started pacing. “Ok, Niall, I don’t know how you’re going to feel about this, but I’m just going to spit it out. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now ever since I found out an—” “(Y/N)! Calm down and tell me what you need to tell me.” Niall cut off your banter. “Oh.. Yeah ok. Umm.. Niall..I’m uhhh I’m kind of ummmm. Pregnant.” You said the last word and looked at the floor; scared to see his reaction. “You’re pregnant? As in you’re carrying a little Nialler in your tummy right now?” You look up to see Niall smiling like a fool. “Uhh.. yeah.. I’m carrying a little Nialler, but wait you aren’t upset or anything?” You questioned. “(Y/N), I know we’re young, but I’ve always imagined us having children. Of course I thought it would be in another 5 or so years, but still I’m excited that you’re carrying my child.” He told you as he kissed you multipul times.

Harry: ”Babe? What is this?” You turn to see Harry holding out the pregnancy that you took 2 days ago. You were still thinking about how to tell him, but I guess you had to tell him now. “Ummm.. that’s uhh.. my pregnancy test.” You looked down at the blanket playing with the seams on it. “Well. It’s positive (Y/N). When were you going to tell me? How long has it been since you took it?” Harry ask you raising his voice. You felt the tears building up. “I’m sorry, Harry. I didn’t know how to tell you. I took it 2 days ago. I was scared of how you would react.” You said as a few tears ran down your face. “(Y/N) what do you mean you were scared of how I would react? If you would have told I could have been here for you.” His voice still raised. You slid away from him. You didnt like being yelled at. Harry realized what he was doing and calmed down. He walked over and sat on the bed next to you and grabbed your face. “(Y/N), babe, you need to tell me things like this. I know you’re worried about how the press will see me and you with you being 16 but still.” He kissed your forehead and pulled you into his chest as you sobbed. “I’m so sorry Harry. I really am.” He rubbed your back shhing you softly. “It’s ok (Y/N). We’ll be ok.”