Roc Imagine ! " Your Suicidal Thoughts... "

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[ Authors Note ; THIS isnt going to be long because I am about to go to church ! I will make a part 2 when I arrive home . ]

Imagine ;

You were sitting in the bathroom looking at your reflection in the mirror. Blood dripping from your arms ... soothing your pain. That was the only way your pain would go away. Roc didnt know what was going on in the bathroom. He was downstairs fast asleep. But that as until you had heard him wake up and call your name. 

"YN !? "

You didnt reply. You didnt have the guts too .. You never did. You see Roc never knew about you cutting yourself.. It was just a YOU thing. You thought about killing yourself. ONly because the fans from TeamMindless wouldn't leave you alone. Everywhere you looked it was hatred and you personally couldn't take it anymore.. your phone continued to ring as your bestfriend texted your phone and call you over and over again. 

ItsYaBESTFRIENDD ; YN!! Please ! don't do it ! please !

ItsYaBestriend ! ; YN I'LL TELL ROC  !!

You didn't care anymore.. You Unlocked the bathroom door and grabbed the the rope that was hanging from the bathroom shower curtain. You stepped up on the ledge of the bathroom and began to put your head where the whole was. You started to jump off until you heard someone gasp and grab your body.

"YN!? BABY ! "

Roc pulled you from off the ledge and held you tight.

"Shit Roc... "

You mumbled trying to get him off of you.. Everything was becoming dizzy and blurry. You reminded yourself that you had took an overdoase on some medicine that you had found somewhere.

" Baby... ? "

Roc frantically shook you softly and contiuned to call your name.

" Baby .... Babygirl.. please baby. "

Your eyes fluttered to the back of your head as the medicine took over your body.. 


You heard Roc scream over and over again. You heard the last thing that he said was ..

" Baby your not dying on me ! "

Another voice muffled .

"911 this is your opperator How May I Help You ?" 


Roc screamed into the phone shaking and trying to get you to wake up...

Soon after that everything went blank.....