Chapter 4

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Leanne arrived at the school after getting a call at work from the principal that Sarah had gotten into trouble. When she entered the office after driving directly from the hospital, she saw Sarah sitting in front of the office and Mrs. Simons sitting behind it facing her student. The math teacher was standing beside the principal with a frown on his face. The tension was thick as the three of them waited in silence.

Sarah hadn't said anything since the beginning of detention and was not going to. She knew from past experience that no matter what she would say nobody would listen to her side of the story. So, she stayed silent and waited for Leanne to come pick her up and would take the punishment waiting for her.

"Leanne, please take a seat" Mrs. Simons gestured to the chair beside Sarah. Once Leanne sat down, the principal explained the situation. Leanne listened carefully but did not miss Sarah's hands slowly tightening into fists.

"Now, according to the files of the previous schools Sarah went to, I can see that she would have problems here. Her last grades are from two years ago when she was in grade ten" Mrs. Simons said. "I'm sorry Leanne, but this is her first day of school and she already gotten detention"

"I'm sure we can figure something out" Leanne said.

"Even if she stops getting into trouble, her grades are not high enough. This is a prestigious school and has a reputation to uphold" Mrs. Simons continued.

"She will get a tutor" Leanne replied "please Mandy, it will work"

"This is outrageous. The girl is not good enough to study at this school" Mr. Thorne said but Mrs. Simons silenced him with a glare.

"I will give Sarah one last chance. If she can get her grades high enough by March break then she can stay. I cannot bend the rules for her nor go easy on her" Mrs. Simons said. "Sarah, may I ask you what you have learned in mathematics in your previous schools?"

One thing Sarah hated was people talking about her as if she was not in the same room as them. It was insulting that they thought she couldn't speak for herself, like she had no voice. Once the adults finally decided to include her in their conversation and asked her a question Sarah remained silent. It was none of their business what she did in other schools. As long as a she could stay here for Sunny's sake, she was ready to do whatever it took, even if it meant to hire a tutor every day. The room was silent as the adults looked at Sarah expecting an answer. Leanne cleared her when they didn't get a single sound out of her mouth.

"It doesn't matter at the moment" she said to no one in particular. The woman got up from the chair and gestured Sarah to do the same. "I will ask Matt if he wants to tutor her"

"No" Sarah finally said. Surprised, Leanne turned to face her. "I don't want a guy to tutor me"

"Alright, how about Carly? It will help you bond with her" Leanne suggested and Sarah shrugged for an answer.

"Thank you, Mandy" Leanne said to the principal before opening the door and leaving the office with Sarah by at her heels.


Sarah looked out the window, letting the nice ride of the Corvette relax her muscles. She didn't know how stiff she was from being nervous throughout detention but she knew it was not over yet. The girl took a peak at Leanne who was driving calmly wondering what her punishment would be. She knew she wouldn't get kicked out of the house because Leanne had vouched for her a second time. Yet, there are many punishments that are worse than being thrown into the streets. Sarah tried to understand the woman who was fostering her. She didn't get it why a stranger would help her; why she had interest in a poor street orphan. Sarah was trying to figure out Leanne's interior motive. She knew there was one but could not quite figure it out.

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