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✨A casual stroll through the gardens of Jannat✨

After reading the most stunning piece of what sounded as an unimaginable place I knew I had to share this with my friends and even the entire world that's presently here- alive in a place we compete for, kill for, use methods of evil to attain, brainwashed by temporary pleasures that sometimes last not a day. Imagine you have this cool cellphone and a week later another hits the market and you become bored with what you have. Well here you don't get bored. You chill, enjoy and pleasures never end....
I grabbed my kufi and rushed out. I was on my way to Asad, Muhammad and Haitham. My friends since forever. Alhumdulillaah we had a great connection going but we were always doing things we knew sparks the displeasure of our parents and most of all Allaah. Living in an insane world one sometimes have depressive thoughts which lead us to do what we shouldn't. For a while we seemed to be heading to danger. We were on the tip of the cliff. Trying out anything we totally should avoid. I missed Salaatul Fajr and when I awoke I prayed. I checked my phone and read the usual messages and a random stranger on a advice group posted from a notable learned man something that shook my insides and I was hooked. I skidded almost colliding into Haithams arms. They all looked at me as if I was insane. Yeah I was insanity if that's what you call it overtook me and I thank Allaah for it. I started reading:,

Here goes....
Just absorb every word and allow the images to unfold before your eyes.

Our All-Compassionate Lord fashioned three things with His own Hand, not through a process of cause and effect, like everything else. These are His eternal masterpieces which mankind will never cease to admire. They are Prophet Adam, Paradise, and the Taurat (Old Testament).

Paradise is a place beyond thought or imagination. Brief descriptions of it have reached us via the Qur'an and Sunnah, but just like listening to the commentary of soccer giants Manchester and Liverpool over the radio cannot capture the spirit of the game, likewise experiencing the delights of paradise cannot be felt without being physically there.

My aim of this article is to get the mouth of all my readers watering for this reality to come, and to realise that making an effort towards paradise is a worthwhile effort beyond any other effort. So, put on your 3D goggles and enjoy.

You have just passed over the bridge over hell, a 1 500 year journey which has drained you mentally and physically, and have joined the excited crowd of people queuing to enter paradise. Impatiently, you wait your turn. There are eight doors of paradise, each as wide as a 40-year journey, and named as follows: "Salat (prayers), Jihad (Striving in God's way), Sadaqah (Charity), Rayyan (Fasting), Hajj (Pilgrimage), Kazimin al-Ghaiz wal Aafeen (Those who drank their Anger and Forgave), Al-Ayman (Those of the Right-Hand, who will be saved from Reckoning due to their Reliance), and Dhikr (Remembrance of their Lord)." Upon which door do you think your name will be inscribed?

As you envy Sayyadina Abu Bakr for being called by all eight doors of paradise, your name is finally called from one door. You present yourself, like a small child waiting for candy floss from his teacher, and meet Ridwan, the most handsome and adorable angel, tasked with admitting people in to paradise. With a huge smile, he gives you the following certificate: "Peace be upon you and congratulations. Enter herein forever and ever." In this world, even the best-paid jobs and the best of mansions come with a time-limit. Here we have been assured of entering a place of eternal bliss, with no time limit, no feelings of insecurity and anxiety, and no fear of ever being expelled.

As you enter, guided by another angel, you are given your first meal before being shown your place. This is a meal of fish-liver and bread. The food and drink of paradise only resemble the food and drink of this world in name, but in shape, form and taste, they are different. Each bite from the dates, olives, grapes, figs, bananas and pomegranates of paradise will taste differently, and from each a different aroma will be emitted. A bunch of grapes will be equal to 12 arms, having a thornless stem of pure gold and silver. These fruits, as well as all foods, will be available at any time. Their availability will not depend on seasons or production. There will also be no pits or peels to disturb you, and no garbage cans around. In fact, there is no hunger in paradise and you will never worry about punishing yourself by dieting or weight-loss again! Rather, people will eat out of enjoyment, and every meal will last up to 40 years! The food of paradise does not have to be prepared or cooked, so our wives will not spend half their lives in the kitchen! The food does not rot, nor does it cause food-poisoning, and nor is it transformed in to waste in our bodies. Rather, the food will be expelled by fragrant burps, and the drinks by means of sweet perspiration.

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