Chapter 23

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Anna's POV

Today we were taking pictures of us and our horses. The list for taking pictures goes:
Holly and Sadie
Madison and Toby
Riley and Jack
Beth and Smarty
Cadee and Knight
Me and Fairy
Liv and Tye
Marie and Angel
Heather and Cloud
Katie and Zee
Julie and Geronimo.

Since Cowboy's still at the vet, Mel is taking pictures of the other rescues for the website and she's making information sheets about the horses.

Also, we have our own written assignment too. We have to take pictures of our minis and make and info sheet for them too. It won't be that hard I think. We just have to write out what is gonna be on the sheet and then Mel or Mrs. Jones will type it out.

Right now, I'm waiting for Cadee to be finished with the wash stall. Holly is getting her pictures taken right now, and Madison is waiting with Toby. Riley is doing her finishing brushing with Jack, and Beth is squeegeeing Smarty off. Cadee is scrubbing Knight's dark coat, and at this moment I'm cleaning Fairy's hooves out. It's a good thing that I get to give Fairy a bath cause she has grass stains all over her. It's so hard to keep her gray coat clean.

10 minutes later, a wet but gleaming Knight walked out of the wash stall, and I led Fairy in. I got a bucket, filled it with water, then put the horse shampoo in it. Since Cadee had just finished washing Knight, the water was the perfect temperature, and I let the water run down Fairy's back, then her haunches, and to her legs. I made sure her neck, mane, and tail were wet, and when they were, I took a sponge and soaked it in the soapy water. Then, I scrubbed Fairy neck to tail with the shampoo, and I made sure to get all of the grass and mud stains. Next, I rinsed off all of the suds really well, then put some conditioner in her mane and tail. When I finished rinsing it out, I squeegeed her off, and led her outside to let her dry and graze. Her coat is thin, so she should dry fast.

A while later, Fairy was dry, so I took her back into the barn to a free pair of cross ties. I used a red comb to detangle her mane and tail, and I brushed her until her coat was as shiny as a new coin from the mint. For the finishing touches, I used baby oil around her eyes and nostrils, and polished her hooves. Picture perfect!

Cadee's POV

I halted Knight in front of the lake, where I chose to have our picture taken. Lucky for us, the sun was shining just right, and when I halted Knight, I stood next to him and put my arm under his strong neck. He leaned into me and pricked his ears forward, and I smiled my model smile. Mrs. Jones snapped a few pictures and said,"Those were perfect Cadee! You can take him back to the barn now. You two were the easiest to take a picture of today, so thank you."

"No problem. Thanks!" I said, then led a handsome looking Knight back to the barn. Picture perfect!

Liv's POV

Finally Tye was sparkling after his bath and being groomed. I grabbed his tack and started tacking him up. Mrs. Jones said we could have our picture either on or off our horse, and I wanted a picture of me riding him.

Once he was all tacked up, I snapped on my helmet and made sure my clothes were perfect. I had chosen to wear a crisp white polo shirt and my boot cut riding pants. I pulled on my black riding gloves, then led Tye to the indoor arena to the spot where you open the gates to go out of the arena and outside. I opened the gates, and Mrs. Jones walked over.

"So you want your picture right here?" Mrs. Jones asked.

"Yes please, with the gates open so the sunlight comes in," I said.

"You got it," Mrs. Jones said, and she got the camera ready for the picture.

I mounted Tye and walked him over to the perfect spot where the sunlight hit us just right. I halted him, and he arched his neck and I smiled a genuine smile. I heard the snaps of the camera, and then it was done. Picture perfect!

A/N: hi guys sorry this is a weird chapter. It's just a filler. I think I'm going to start wrapping up this story in a few chapters, I don't know how many but yeah. Please keep reading and voting!!

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