Chapter Twelve- Screwing Distance

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      I wasn't upset. I wasn't.

      Yes, okay, I was a little angry that that butt munch lied and said we'd get the book back at the end of the day and when we went to the office- both of them- they said he had not given them said book, causing us to miss both of our buses while they triple checked. Causing me to be late for work and Mickey to yell at me and send me on the lap of a perverted old bastard whose grip was too freaking hard leaving slight bruises on my bottom. I didn't need that. Especially when all it took was for him to be truthful, or to follow the freaking rules, and give back what he had taken. It didn't take much to go to the office and drop off the book like he said he would do. But no. He hadn't.

      It was lunch and Kitty told me when she asked he said he hadn't done it yesterday because he had gotten busy and would take it today.

      I stared at her incredulous and tried to keep my comment of 'what kind of crap was that' to myself, knowing she didn't know and I doubted she cared. But I wanted that book back. I liked that book. It was the last book my father had given to me before he left us. And...and I just wanted it back.

      I sent her a text under the table so the people around us wouldn't hear my idea of sneaking into his classroom and taking it. She knew just as I did that the cameras didn't work and Mr. Collin's had just walked through the door a few moments ago. He was fixing his food, preparing to take his tray to the teachers' lounge. If I could slip in and slip out before he could get back into his room then he'd probably just think he'd misplaced it. Or he'd think I'd stolen it back but I didn't care.

      She didn't think my idea was too bright and told me to just wait but before she could stop me, I was standing and leaving the room.

      The door was unlocked and empty, and I immediately sprung into action not wanting to waste time. His desk was the first place I checked but it wasn't there. Not even in the drawer where I remembered he'd once kept Kitty's prescription.

      When my phone vibrated in my pocket I ignored it knowing it was my sister telling me how ridiculous I was being. After I finished double-checking all the drawers in his desk, I went to check the gray plastic utility cabinet. It was taller than I was, nearly reaching the ceiling, and housed a lot of...just crap that I wasn't sure he even used.  When my phone vibrated again, I checked it and would have swore under my breath at the fact it said Collin's had left the cafeteria but the sound of the door knob turning made me hold my breath.

      I searched quickly for an escape, knowing I'd probably get suspended for sneaking into a teachers room to steal, but there wasn't one. So I hid. Behind the grey cabinet. The door just barely came to the floor so I pulled a box of paperwork to cover where I was sure my feet would give me away.

      I closed my eyes and tried not to sigh as I knew I was definitely busted. He didn't say anything as he entered the room but I heard him head over to his desk and pull the chair out. For a moment, I thought I was safe until I heard his low chuckle.

      He softly kicked the box out the way and I fidgeted my feet nervously. When he pulled the door away from me, he shook his head.

      "Well, hello Katerina." His tone was sarcastic and almost amused. It confused me. "Mind telling me what you're doing?"

      I struggled to find the words but failed as he continued to stare at me. When I didn't say anything he shook his head.

      "What exactly was your plan here, Kat?"

      "I was just..." I let my words trail off.

      "Just what?" He stepped closer to me sending my thoughts of running away spiraling downhill.

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