Chapter Eleven- Proof's in the Pudding

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      It wasn't that I didn't believe Katerina when she said she'd do better in my class, it was just....she had a horrible track record and I would only believe the improvement when I saw it for  myself. If over the next few weeks her grades improved not only for my class but for her others then I'd believe her and help her graduate. But if not...I knew she'd be held back and that didn't seem to be what she wanted.

      The fact her sister had been taking prescription medication in my class was the icing on the cake. It was the last straw of me covering for her. That is, until I figured out why she we doing it. It wasn't that she was abusing someone else's drugs, she was just taking a mandatory prescription but for what? Katerina wouldn't tell me why and I doubt anyone else knew why either.

      It surprised me that her GPA went from a 3.7 to 2.9 so rapidly. It was as if she had just given up over night. Well, not overnight. It took only took one year of not doing course work and barely getting by to make a person's GPA drop tremendously. I wanted to know what had happened in junior high that made her want to stop excelling in class. She and her sister were even ranked third and fourth in their classes and now Kathelene was tenth while her sister had fallen into the hundreds. It was unacceptable and confusing.

      If she didn't bring her grades up, she wouldn't be able to attend the scheduled field trips and dances the school had planned. They were putting in place GPA and grade requirements and as it stood Kat's unofficial GPA was now at 2.8 and dropping with every assignment she failed or didn't turn in.

      It was her senior year. I remembered my senior year vaguely and it was an important role for me. I was just coming into adulthood, turning eighteen, prom, dances, working. It was all overwhelming but fun. While Kat was working a dead end job that already considered her an adult, I didn't want that for her. I wanted her to be able to have fun and experience the joys in life not sleep her way to the top.

      While part of me wondered why I cared what she did and not my wife, the other part knew it was because...I liked her.

      She was like a lost puppy, searching for attention and I wanted to be the one to give it to her.

Why that was, I wasn't sure.

      The fact I knew nothing good could come from me wanting to thrust attention, among other things, to her only added to the slight thrill. If I was being honest and I had been trying to deny this for the past few weeks, hell since I found out who she was and what she did, but I liked the thrill of knowing something others didn't and trying our best not to get caught with it. It was a horrible secret and if it got out it wouldn't only hurt me but her too but...I liked it. As twisted as that sounded.

      After lunch I awaited her arrival to my room and it seemed to make the day pass extremely slowly. I wanted to see if she would stick to her word and try to do better in my class starting with the reading quiz I handed out. She looked up at me as she retrieved her quiz and the expression on her face was pleasantly snarky.

      She was one of the first finished and though she missed a question her attempt on this quiz had been better.

      When I handed the papers back she tried her best not to seem smug as I placed hers onto her desk and the grade was what she'd expected. 

      But it was just one quiz. A minor quiz. That she had probably gotten the answers to from her sister. The next test would definitely be the proof I needed to see if she was going to keep her word. That and how she behaved over the next few weeks.

      She also stayed awake during my class which was an improvement from her slight nodding off and jolting awake every once in a while. I really hoped she would do better. I didn't want to fail her and doubted I would have kept our original deal. It was unfair of me to tell her I'd fail her if her grade dropped below an C. I had told her that because I was angry but if it made her work harder I wouldn't amend it. I wanted her to pass, though I wanted to see more of her, I wanted her to progress. I wanted to see her walk for graduation.

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