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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 18 ~ Feelings

"I'm just so confused," I said. "Does that mean he likes me or not?" 

Hayley thought for a few second, "He does like you Coral, he told his brother didn't he? I think he only kissed you because he was drunk. Otherwise I'm sure he would have respected that. And you should take that as a compliment because he wouldn't kiss you if he wasn't attracted to you."

"I hate to say it, but I think you're right," I mumbled. 

It had been three days since I had seen Walter at his house and for the whole three days I had been thinking of nothing but Walter and the kiss. It hadn't been horrible, but it had reminded me of my dad. I didn't kiss him back, but I didn't exactly push him away soon enough either. My emotions were so mixed. One minute I was angry that he had done that, and the next I was sort of pleased that a guy as hot as Walter had kissed me. 

Landon had explained that Phoenix had invited people over to gamble. It was a way that he got a large amount of money and fast. Because Phoenix was one of the best at gambling and rarely lost. They had drinks out and Walter, Eli and the triplets got drunk. Phoenix needed a clear head to play properly, and Landon was the only one with a sensible mind! Landon really was a caring brother, even though he played girls around. He made sure that the triplets didn't have too much as they were only fifteen. I had given Walter's homework to Landon and left straight away. 

Today, a Friday, Hayley decided to pick me up from work after school. I was still in my uniform and we decided to go to my house. My dad was gone again and Hayley said she didn't care if he came back, she was still coming.

 My phone buzzed in my pocket and I fished it out. 


im sorry coral x

I put my phone back into my pocket. This was my third text from him saying he was sorry since Tuesday afternoon. I hadn't replied to any. Partly because I didn't know what to say as it wasn't exactly okay. But I also thought what he was doing was a bit cowardly, he didn't even call. I hadn't heard the sound of his voice apologizing. Maybe I was being too tough, but I had a right to be.

"Was that him again?" Hayley asked looking over at me. 


 "Why don''t you reply to him?" 

"Because he should say sorry to my face. Or at least call," I said.

 Hayley sighed heavily. "You are so fussy Coral. Give the guy a chance, you know how he's like."

 "And what's that supposed to mean?" I asked defensively. 

"He doesn't apologize so easily. You don't have to know him well to figure that out!" Hayley shook her head at me.

I shrugged, "Well I will reply...later."

"Whatever you say," Hayley said with a smile on her face.

Lying on my bedroom floor Hayley flicked through an old magazine.

"Did you ever get the triplets numbers?" she asked me.

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