Chapter 47

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(Alfie's POV)

"Ugh!" I moaned.

"Alfie!" Kaci screamed.

"No one else is waking up!" She yelled.

"Be quiet! There could be biters near by!" I shouted.

I took my seat belt off and stood up. I looked at my thigh to see a deep cut.

"Crap!" I screamed.

"Kaci! Where's your fake arm?" I worried.

"I took it off, it was hurting!" She moaned.

"Waa!" I heard.

"Connie!" I shouted.

I ran to the screaming baby.

"It's okay I've got her!" Francesca said

 "Thank god your alive!" I revealingly mentioned.

Leighanna was still strapped into her seat, but wasn't unconscious... She had turned.

"We need to get out of here!" I yelled.

"Wait!" Sinead screamed.

"Sinead! Quick!" I yelled.

"And you were just going to leave us?" Archie moaned whilst picking up David and Daniel.

"Is there anyone else? Hurry up, we're going!" I asked.

"Yes! Me, but I can't move my leg!" Connor worried.

"It's going to be fine!" I mentioned.

Archie put down his kids and helped me pick up Connor.

"Ouch! My leg!" I moaned.

Francesca took over and put Connor down on the floor. I got my gun out and shot Leighanna through the head. Francesca got a sharp knife and stabbed her Mum through the head. Then she walked over to my mum and did the same.

"No!" I shouted.

"It had to be done!" Francesca replied.

"So it's just us now?" Connor asked.

"I guess so." I replied.

"What's our plan?" Kaci asked.

"I guess we just start again..." Francesca replied.

I walked back to the bus.

"Rot in hell!" I screamed. "I've been saving this since tom died, I found it in the hospital."

I pulled out a grenade; pulled the pin and through it onto the bus. I ran away as it exploded.

"What's that dad?" Daniel asked as he looked at the hill.

It was a fire, as if there was another camp there.

"We're heading that way! There is still hope!" I heroically said.

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