Chapter 1: The Wish

One more day.

I breathed in the fresh ocean air, smiling to myself. We were at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, and it felt good to return home. I had recently moved from this area to Manhattan, but in my heart I was still a Brooklyn Girl.

“Zoe?” Emily snapped. “Are you going to stand there all day, or are we finally going to go have some fun? We don’t have that much time you know!”

I looked at my impatient best friend, who was forcefully dragging me to the theme park, and smiled to myself. She had long straight red hair, and was slim built. She was quite beautiful, but her personality made her even cuter.

Me? I had blond curly hair and grayish green eyes. And even though many said that I was pretty, I was still single and loving it. Note the sarcasm.

We had decided to go to Coney Island during New Year’s Eve, before seeing the ball drop in the evening. It was just after lunch, so we actually had plenty of time until midnight, but Emily had some other plans as well.

“What are we actually doing later which makes us have to hurry so much?” I groaned for the millionth time. Hey, I never said that I was more patient than her!

She turned to face me, smiling evilly. She really reminded me of a sly red fox at that moment.

“You’ll see! This is going to be the best New Year’s Eve ever!” she cheered, giving a little jump and continuing to drag me.

Rolling me eyes, I followed her. I had known that I wouldn’t get anything out of her, but it was always worth a try, right?

“You say that every year,” I commented, laughing a little.

“Well, it keeps getting better and better!” she retorted, raising her chin defiantly.

We entered the theme park, where there were already a lot of people. Normally the park was closed during the snowy winter, but they had opened it today specially to celebrate the New Year. Granted, not all rides were open, but instead they had stalls everywhere with different attractions.

“Look! Let’s go there!” Emily exclaimed, running off to one particular stall. She was like a fish in water here.

Following, I saw that there was a lion head behind the counter that you were supposed to shoot water into through the lion’s mouth, making the water balloon over the head fill and explode. There were two lion heads there, enabling them both to compete against each other, and two water guns stood ready to be used.

We paid, and positioned ourselves in front of the counter with the guns in hands.

“You’re going down, loser!” Emily shouted, not taking her eyes off the head.

“Wouldn’t think so, moron,” I muttered, before hearing the ding which announced that we could start.

We both immediately pulled the triggers, shooting water at the lions. It was very close, but my balloon popped two seconds before Emily’s.

“Wohoo! Who’s the loser now, huh?” I celebrated, doing a mini victory dance. Some people were looking at me with amused expressions, but with Emily I could always feel free and be myself. I always knew that she could beat me when it comes to weirdness.

“Whatever, it’s just a game,” she grumbled, walking away after I picked out my stuffed up turtle as prize.

I rolled my eyes, but didn’t tease my friend, who was always a sour loser, anymore. Instead, I looked around and saw a booth which caught my eye.

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