Chapter 1

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Being the first one in the house to be woken up even before the alarm all because I was excited and so nervous.
Throwing off the covers, my feet hit the cool wooden floor in my room. Turning on the shower to a suitable temperature, I started stripping my clothes off.
Finishing up in the bathroom I went to my closet to get an appropriate work attire.
After dabating what to wear, I finally settled on a black pencil skirt, a white blouse with my favorite pumps.

Sitting in front my small vanity table, I started drying my jet black hair. I am a tan skin brown eye girl. I have jet black hair that stop at my waist and I'm about 5'2. I herit all these from my mother.

Finally, my hair was dried so I decided to let it go. Taking one last look at myself, I realized I didn't look that bad for my first day of work.

Going down the stairs I went straight to the kitchen to see my mom making breakfast, my dad looking over the bills and my sisters talking to each other. I have two sisters, Christine 20 and Amanda 21. Both sisters lives with us. Christine and Amanda both works but the pay is small.

"Goodmorning everybody." They all stop what they were doing to look up.

"Morning" they all said in unison. Sitting down at the table, my mom started placing pancakes and egg on my plate.

"Excited?"mom asked smiling.

"Yes and really nervous."

"Ohmygod I can't believe you'll be working at Hernandez Enterprise"my sisters shrieked.

"Whats the big deal about it" I asked annoyed.

"Rafael Hernandez!" They screamed in chorus jumping up and down in their seats.

"Am I suppose to know who he is?" I asked making them look at me like I grew two heads.
"What?" I asked confused.

"He's like one of the richest men in the world." Amanda said.

"Oh and dont forget he's hot and-"

"Girls!" dad said shaking his head."Sweetheart I'm so proud of you." He said engulfing me in a hug then everyone else joined.

"Well I better be on my way if I don't want to be late." I said kissing my mom on the cheek and doing the same to dad.

"Bye everyone" I said before walking out.

"Bye and good luck on your first day." I heard mom shouted.

Walking out on the streets of New York, the streets were crowded with passer-bys moving about doing their business.

Hailing a cab I got in and gave the driver the address of my favourite cafe, La Morte.

Upon arriving at the cafe I stepped out of the cab and payed my fare. I walked inside the cafe suddenly engulf with sweet aroma of coffee. Welcoming the homey feeling.

Joining the line, I stepped up and waited patiently to ordered a cappuccino and a cookie.

Five minutes later of waiting, I heard the sound of the bell at the door telling me that someone came in. I looked up to see the most beautiful greek-god that I've ever seen.

He wore a black armani suit that fitted him perfect showing off his muscular body and a black Italian shoes that clicks on the cafe floor when he walks. He had black hair and tan skin.

I knew that I was jaw-drop and probably drooling.

But from opening his mouth, I knew that he was an asshole.

"I know I'm drop dead gorgeous. You can close your mouth now, you don't wanna catch flies." He said chuckling.
I knew my face was flushed from embarassment.

Snapping out of my day dream I realise he stepped up in the line to the register before me.
"Ah excuse, I was in the line before you." I said to him calmly but he ignored me. I was beyond pissed.

"You can't just walk up in front of someone you have to join the line!" I shouted angryly, I knew I was gonna be late for my first day. He ignored me just the same, took his coffee then wink at the cashier before turning around. I was so angry I didn't think twice in grabbing the coffee out of his hands but it ended up on my blouse.

"You prick!" I screamed at him blaming him while the coffee started burning me.

He just look at me with a hint of anger in his eyes but then smirked before walking out.

I grabbed a couple of napkins and started wiping off my shirt.

I was so upset I didn't even bother buying any coffee I just went to the bus station.

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